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The Body House

Blog and Bodywork for Men

Lady of the House

Welcome to The Body House

The Lady of the House – Dyann Bridges C.M.T.

Massage Therapist & Sensual Bodyworker

Lower East Westchester, NY Location


Think of this site as your “internet mancave” from a woman’s perspective.

Dyann specializes in working with men who want to relate to women better.

Dyann want to help bridge the gap of misunderstanding between the sexes.

She invites you to read through the articles.

Dyann’s available 7days

with at least 1-2 hours notice

from 8am to approximately 6-7pm

(Incalls only)

Perhaps you’ll even book a sensual bodyrub massage therapist appointment

with her in the Westchester location.

Hope to see you soon. 😉

If you’re new here check out… Is This Your First Time?

Dyann is now accepting credit cards via PayPal under a discreet billing name.

Contact DYANN: 347-602-3136




Are You Interested in Becoming a GUEST BLOGGER?

Are You Interested in Hiring a FREELANCE WRITER?

Do You Need CONTENT for Your Blog, Newsletter, Website or Social Media Campaign?

Do You Need Someone to MANAGE Your Automated Email List and Social Media Strategy?

Contact DYANN: 347-602-3136




Dyann would love to do a guest blog or ghostwrite a feature for your site.

Dyann specializes in writing about:

  • Dating
  • Helping Men Relate to Women
  • Relationships
  • Sex
  • Gender Polarities
  • The Sex Work Industry (sensual massage in particular)

Dyann’s POV in the above genres is somewhat unusual as she concentrates on the gender polarities.

Dyann believes that if each person gives the other what they need as either a man or a woman first then the individual things in the relationship will be easier to clear up.

However, without that gender understanding it will be very hard to move ahead and make progress in the relationship.

Send inquiries to the email below or give her a call. 😉

Please contact DYANN at: 347-602-3136  



Massage Therapist & Sensual Bodyworker in NYC & Westchester, NY

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Full Body Sensual Massage - FBSM - Sensual Therapeutic Massage - Sensapeutic Massage
Dyann Bridges
Westchester & Manhattan
Dyann Bridges C.M.T. is a Massage Therapist & Sensual Bodyworker. Her style of massage is mostly therapeutic with a sensual Hands Only ending. Her clientele is exclusively male.

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