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5 Areas to French Kiss That Will Drive Her Wild – I’ll Almost Guarantee It!

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5 Areas to French Kiss That Will Drive Her Wild –

Almost Guaranteed!

Here are just a few tips that may help you score extra points with the ladies in general or your special lady. Either way treat her like the lady she is!

#1 Underneath Her Breasts – Everyone goes for the nipples. But, what about that area below, where her breasts meet her torso? Gently lift her breast and start flicking your tongue along that semi-circle and watch how she responds.

#2 Her Waist – You guys love us for our curves so indulge yourselves! Start nibbling and kissing her sides right in that smooth area of her waist between her hips and her ribcage. Then listen to her appreciate you.

#3 The Groin – When I say groin I don’t mean vagina. I’m talking about that area where the top of the thigh meets the base of the pelvis. It’s the “bikini line” if you will. Run your tongue up and down that line for awhile and see what happens. You may even illicit an explosion. Yes, that’s right. If you spend enough time on the side lines you won’t need to spend as much time in between the lines… if you know what I mean. 😉

#4 The Back of Her Knees – Who thinks of giving a lady a french kiss on the back of her knee? Nobody. Which means she’ll be even more impressed when you do it. The skin is much thinner on the back of the knee than the rest of the leg. Underneath it, are multiple channels of blood vessels, neural pathways, and connective tissue. It’s sensitive back there and almost no one pays attention to it. Try a few nibbles in that area and see how it goes.

#5 Suck Her Toes – Thought this only happened in the movies? Well, if done right this can be a dynamite way to spice up foreplay. Make sure she’s comfortable first. Have her lay on her back and start rubbing her feet. French kiss the top of her feet. Lightly use your teeth on the arches. Gently press your teeth into the fleshy part of her toes as you suckle them. You get the idea.

#5A Bonus Tip – There is a reflexology point which corresponds with the genitals. It’s just above the thicker skin of the heel and almost directly below the ankle on the INSIDE of both feet. If you can hit the right spot with your thumb as you’re working the toes it’s sure to enhance her sensation. Have fun gentlemen!

#5B Bonus Tip #2 – Take Your Time! When you think you’re spending too much time in one area you’re probably not. Stay there a little longer. Women tend to need much more foreplay than men to reach orgasm. However, once we get there, a woman’s orgasm is many times more intense than a man’s and tends to last much longer. So, hang on for the ride!

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