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The Body House Bookshelf: Recommended & Reviewed Books

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The Bookshelf: Recommended & Reviewed Books   Dyann is a writer who has published ebooks, articles, videos and audio works. This is the Bookshelf section of the Body House which includes reviews and recommendations for those interested in the subject…
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Gender Polarity and Hot Sex: What You Need to Know

Gender Polarity and Hot Sex: What You Need to Know Out of the corner of your eye you catch a woman swinging her hair back over her shoulder. You turn to look. You can’t help yourself.   Men are made…
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Canada’s Prostitution Laws Explained… with Legos

OK you guys… You’ve GOT to check this out. This video is less than 2 minutes and briefly explains the new prostitution laws in Canada. It brings up some good points. Now the burden of blame has been shifted to…
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