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December 19th – Trump & The Day of the Faithless Electoral College (VIDEOS)

Electoral College Dec. 19th

I found a short video that talks about why the Electoral College was invented.

I’ve also included some links to legit news sources to great info if you would like to know more. Click the pale lavender text to open the articles with videos to get the info.

The Electoral College was NOT invented to motivate candidates to tour the entire country rather than just the heavily populated coasts.

The Electoral College is NOT a bunch of representatives from their states who automatically submit the vote of the populous. The Electoral College do NOT rubber stamp anything.

The Electoral College are a group of people who do NOT hold political office but ARE politically active.

Meet one of these ‘faithless electors‘ here and understand the Electoral College is our fail safe mechanism.

The Electoral College WAS IN FACT created for a scenario EXACTLY LIKE the one we are in NOW.

To prevent an unstable and unfit entity to occupy the Oval Office. Namely… Trump.

Originally, within the thirteen colonies, the Electorate were those who had the inside scoop. If they felt the popular voters had been fooled by a lunatic they could over turn the popular vote.

Sign The Petition

37 Electoral College voters must over turn their vote to get Trump out of office. Sign this petition if you’re interested in seeing that happen.

I know some of you reading this like Trump. Before the campaign, I would have agreed with you. I was a fan.

However, the longer the presidential campaign continued the more crazy-ass things came out of Trump’s mouth.

The more his deeply rooted narcissistic patterns rose to the surface.

The more scummy his business practices became. The more I became outright repulsed.

This is not a man with the thought process or emotional maturity to lead a country as free and as powerful as the U.S.A.

His lies defy common sense, his business practices nearly defy the law and in many cases actually do.

Yet tens of millions of people believe him and actually trust him.  Personally, I thought we were smarter than that.

D-Day – December 19th

The Electoral College official vote is on December 19. It may not work to oust Trump, but we have to give it a try.

As predicted, Trump has already started to undo years of complex political diplomacy and policy here and abroad.

The Orange Menace needs to go. He won’t last four years, but let’s not give him the chance to really screw things up. If was can get him out before he even gets in all the better.

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