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The Body House

Blog and Bodywork for Men

The Bodywork


Dyann performs what she likes to call

“Sensapeutic” bodywork. 

It’s a combination of therapeutic massage and sensuality.


Most people understand this type of massage as full body sensual massage (FBSM).


Dyann is a certified massage therapist (C.M.T.). As far as sensual massage (FBSM) goes, Dyann tends to be conservative. She is a skilled and trained massage therapist and concentrates much of her efforts on giving quality bodywork to her clients.


She graduated from a private massage institute almost 20 years ago. She has worked in spas and clinics across the country. 


Dyann’s “Sensapeutic” massage is very therapeutic in nature, without being clinical. Although, Dyann can address injuries and chronic issues.

Relationship Advice


Dyann is also very skilled in offering relationship advice.


She believes if the genders understand and honor each other FIRST that almost all other relationship problems can be cleared up.


This is assuming both parties involved are willing to grow, change and ultimately open their hearts to themselves, as well as, to each other.


Dyann enjoys chatting with her clients about the world, our culture and relationships between men and women.

However, she’s aware that many clients want to “zone out” at some point which is just fine.


The ending is sensual, however, this is a HANDS ONLY service.


Dyann prefers not to be fully undressed and does not participate in fetish, domination or requests for extras.

Dyann is available: 7 days a week.

From Approximately 8am to 8pm

***7 Days in WESTCHESTER***

Contact Dyann at:

347-602-3136   OR

***Please understand this is HER location, which means it’s Her Rules and Her Risk.***

A Cautionary Tale


-Please Do NOT call out her name at anytime or call her on your phone from the street

-Please Do NOT stand around on the block waiting

Dyann wants this to be a mutually positive experience. Simple respect goes a long way. Thank you.

Contact Dyann at:

347-602-3136   OR