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Some Great Relationship Advice on Gender Polarity! (Audio & VIDEO below)

gender polarities great relationship

Some Great Relationship Advice on Gender Polarity!

(Audio & VIDEO below)


OK Gentlemen…

Here is a very interesting audio tape from Susan Bratton talking about the Gender Polarities.


She makes the point as to how important this dynamic is between men and women to keep that great relationship hot and passionate.


If you want to enliven a woman’s femininity, inspire her sexual abandon, get hot sex and create a deep connection with her that’s filled with fun and passion then the answer is…

Polarity & Increasing Your Masculine Energy!!!


Polarity is simply the attraction of opposites. It’s that magnetic pull between the masculine and feminine that’s keeps us on our toes!

It’s important to know this…

The more you bring your masculine energy to a relationship, the more your lady can be her feminine self… which makes the sex hotter, more intimate and ultimately more satisfying.


Gender Polarity is one of the main elements Susan Bratton talks about in her flagship product…

Revive Her Drive


She breaks the process of rebuilding your relationship down into four steps.

Revive Her Drive is an excellent product that I can see helping A LOT of men understand women better and get their marriages back on track.


Bratton was in the same position her clients were at the 10 year mark in their marriage. Stagnant and contemplating divorce.

They did a lot of work and research to turn things around and develop a really great relationship.

They’re still together now for a total of nearly 25 years!


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Below is a multi person interview about relationships. Susan is the beautiful blonde on the end.

If you feel you need more intense sexual therapy there is a list of certified professionals who can help HERE.


SUSAN BRATTON is the blonde in the black jacket on the end. 🙂

Thank you for reading and listening.

Have a very sensual day, Dyann xoxo

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