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Interview With A Sex Worker: A New Look At the Oldest Profession

Interview sex worker Lola Davina

Dyann’s Interview with Lola Davina is close to 40 minutes in length.

Click the link above to listen to our interview.


Former sex worker who holds a Master’s degree in Human Sexuality concentrating on the stigma in the sex work industry and all ’round wonderful person.

(See more info on her below).

Lola (age 49) agreed to an interview with me (Dyann) to talk about the sex work industry and men in general.

The Body House blog is all about helping men relate better to women and Lola offers some GREAT insight.

I found her to be genuinely warm, generous and a very nice person. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. I’m sure she was excellent at her job.

Our interview covered sex work and what male clients need to pay attention to when dealing with women in general, as well as, with sex workers.

Lola also recounts one of her scariest experiences of her sex work career.


Lola Davina’s NEW BOOK: THRIVING IN SEX WORK: A Heartfelt Guide to Staying Sane in the Sex Industry

Lola Davina’s site:

Lola Davina on Twitter: @Lola_Davina

Lola on Facebook

A SNEAK PEEK of the interview with Lola below…

Dyann Bridges – What is your current work situation and some history within the sex work industry or any other related dating and relationship work?

Please give any information that will help the audience understand your experience and view point in the sex work and dating and relationship industries.

Lola Davina – I’ve been retired for 12 years. I worked as a stripper, pro dom, and escort for four years in my early 20’s, as well as made some porn. I escorted for another 4 years in my 30’s — I’m 48 now.

I have a Master’s degree in Human Sexuality studying stigma in sex work. In addition to my upcoming book, I write a health and wellness column for, a camming website….FYI.

Dyann – Do you sell any products? If you have a website, books, ebooks, social media accounts or other products online please let me know.

Lola – Website, FB and Twitter, and my upcoming book, Thriving in Sex Work: Heartfelt Advice for Staying Sane in the Sex Industry, a self-help book for sex workers across all job titles. I’m hoping to have it available by April 1.


Lola Davina’s NEW BOOK: THRIVING IN SEX WORK: A Heartfelt Guide to Staying Sane in the Sex Industry

Lola Davina’s

Lola Davina on Twitter: @Lola_Davina

Lola on Facebook

Dyann – What are some of the biggest problems you encountered with your clients? When booking an appointment and during a session? Can you offer specific things for clients to do when contacting sex workers and how to conduct themselves during an appointment?

Lola – So, a couple of things here. My mission is self-care in sex work, looking inward before working outward. I’m interested in talking to fellow sex workers, because we need to help one another, you know?

We put a huge amount of energy into our clients, and to educating the outside world about our work, and we don’t get a whole lot back. At all.

Dyann – Additionally, I’d like some insight into your views on relationships between men and women in general. Would you be willing to offer general info as to your relationship status?

Lola -Married to a man who was my client.

Dyann – In general, what do you think is the biggest problem between men and women relating to each other? Can you offer men any tips on how to relate to women better? Can you give men any insights as to how women think and what they want from men within a relationship?

Lola – I don’t discuss “men” and “women,” especially in sex work.

It is totally true that 98% of my paying customers were men, and the majority of swers I’ve known are women.

However– I saw women and trans people as clients, and I know a lot of male and trans sex workers. I know that it’s easier to talk about “men” and “women” as a kind of shorthand, but one of the ways I believe we can create community as sex workers is by not excluding each other in this way.

Also, I’m queer– although I’m currently partnered with a man, I’m always looking at relationships through the lens of the women I’ve loved as well, so I’m not the best person to speak in those terms.


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