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Your Internet Mancave (from a woman’s perspective). – This site goes into some more hardcore sexual stuff, but it’s well written. There are real tips and techniques for you guys to understand the female body better. If you’re serious about giving your lady the rub down (and orgasm) of her life, try their massage guide. – This site is run by a young man in the UK. He story goes that he was shy and now he’s not-so-much. He has created a FREE online confidence course for men. The sections on his site are geared toward helping men gain control of their mind and emotions and ultimately have better relationships with women. It’s definitely worth a look. – THIS is porn done right for WOMEN. Do you want to know what type of porn turns women on? Then check out Lust Cinema. The owner is a female porn producer herself. She’s collected a catalogue of erotic film (both modern and vintage) which caters to the sensual female view point. I promise you’ll discover something new about women. 😉 OK… if any of you gentlemen are interested in becoming better men this is the site to visit. They have a whole array of topics that include relationships/sex, sports, being a father/having a family, marriage, advice, confessions… and more. I suspect this site is run by a man, or more likely a group of men, who’ve worked hard at inspiring their fellow men. This is a must see site… enjoy and be inspired! I stumbled upon John Rasiej’s site as a connection on Twitter. I had to check out this gentleman’s site. It’s clean, simple and to the point. John does a fantastic job of describing his journey toward more chivalrous actions and how it affected his relationships with women. I highly recommend a visit. This site is run by Jon Pressick, a Canadian writer. His website has won awards for it’s wide variety of discussions on sex. There’s a lot to read here. He’s clearly passionate about the topic of sex. He regularly writes and reviews erotica. So gentlemen, if you like to read a good, hot sexy story check it out! Is run by Gracie Passette (a former escort). It’s described as a women’s sexuality site, for women and about women. As you can imagine, being a former prostitute, Gracie isn’t afraid to lay it all out there. So, take a look gentlemen… you may discover a few interesting bits about the ladies. This is a fantastic site. I enjoy perusing it because I feel like I’m taking a tour through one man’s personal diary. The owner of this site has taken painstaking care to create a site which is elegant, humorous and very manly. This dating and relationship blog is run by writer, actor, speaker James Sama. To date, his blog has received nearly 30 million hits. Clearly, Sama has hit a nerve. He stresses how modern men must cultivate chivalry in today’s fast paced and often superficial world. So, check it out guys. You know the ladies love a gentleman. 😉

If you’re willing to give a little to get some this site just might be for you…Nude_females_by_Robert_Wilson_Shufeldt_15

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