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Men are Adventurous and Women are Wild – Part #2

Wild free adventurous men and women independent

Men are Adventurous and Women are Wild

Part #2

This is part two of Men are Adventurous and Women are Wild.

After I posted the first article on this topic I received a comment about it via text from a client. He’s been extremely supportive over the last 3-4 years.

In fact, every single time I write and post an article (and send out a link via email)… he texts me with a comment.

It’s always supportive and always positive. It’s wonderful to receive these types of comments and I’m grateful to him.

Sonny Side Down

Having said that, I found it strange that he connected “wild” with “sex.”

Since I hadn’t mentioned sex AT ALL in the first article.

To preserve his privacy, let’s call him “Sonny.”

So, Sonny… texted me after the 1st part of Men are Adventurous and Women are Wild saying he didn’t think I was that wild.

Why did he think that? He said it was because my sensual massage sessions are so conservative. Huh?

Now, it’s true that my massage sessions are very conservative as far as erotic services go.

I’m really hands only. No extras. Absolutely NO full service. Not never.

However, that is what I choose to do in my work. Those are my boundaries I put in place.

If I wanted to do otherwise I would. And therein lies the rub.

My Location, My Rules

It’s MY choice. MY choice. Not Sonny’s or anyone else’s.

Just because an erotic provider may be full on with the sexual encounters doesn’t mean she’s any wilder than any other woman either.

It’s the independent spirit of women we’re talking about here, not physical circumstances.

I never mentioned the word sex in the entire first article on this topic.

So why then, would Sonny think that I’m not that wild because my massage service is so conservative?

What Sonny and many other men don’t understand about women is our independent nature.

It’s what attracts you to us, but it’s also the thing that makes you want to control us too.

In the first article I made the point that women are deeply independent and know that we are all alone.

When a woman is in touch with that part of herself she can be a wild cat in bed.

She can also be a wild cat in bed (and elsewhere) if she’s been messed with and damaged.

However, she will probably be highly compliant in other ways too.

It’s the serene, calm, balanced woman who can find her inner wilderness and still navigate her way in this man’s world both inside and outside the bedroom.

However… that takes a lot of work and awareness on her part though.

Sonny’s reaction tells me I have much work to do in clarifying this topic.

Both Sides Lose

Women are inherently wild, independent, exuberant, and free in many ways a man can’t begin to fathom…. including Sonny.

Again… therein lies the rub.

What you are inexplicably attracted to in women is exactly what you try to control.

The need to control a woman’s independent nature taints every relationship you have with women.

If it goes on long enough and intensely enough it’s guaranteed to destroy the relationship.

Whether a man steals a woman’s wild, independent nature or women lose that connection over an extended period of time, both sides lose.

It leaves a vacuum.

Men feel that vacuum when relating to women and women feel it in themselves.

So men try to fill that wild vacuum by going to strip clubs, escort agencies and massage parlors.

It’s a poor substitute… since most of the time what you get is not real wilderness.

Men, women and American society as a whole are suffering because of the loss of this wilderness.

Try This Instead

So, if your wife has lost that wild sparkle and you’d love to see that glint in her eye again, try this…

Stop judging her and women in general.

Stop judging your lady not just verbally, but in the deepest part of your mind and heart too.

The unfortunate truth is that for many men, the idea that women need to be controlled gets into their thinking early and it gets in deep.

… and it usually starts with some type of judgement toward women.

You can begin to break that cycle just by being aware that you don’t know as much as you think you do about women.

It’s okay not to know that much about us… women don’t totally get themselves either.

This shift in your perspective will make it easier for that special woman in your life to find her wilderness again.

Encourage and coax it out of your lady. In the end, we’ll all be better off for it.

And remember to keep being the adventurous types you are. Women love that in men….

And in you too Sonny. 🙂

Just let us be our wild selves and watch how that changes your relationships.

Thank you for reading. Have a very sensual day. Dyann xoxo

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