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Privacy Policy


Please understand that female providers of sensual massage take a tremendous risk offering this kind of erotic service. The laws and our society are set up to encourage the persecution of therapists which means I must be protective of the work space/s.


The provider is in charge of the location, the session and the communication with their client. Which means I’ll need a cell phone number you’ll have with you on route and that you’ll observe my discretionary protocol and privacy policy. If you’re worried about your privacy I would suggest getting a burner phone. That way we are both protected and can still communicate.


Women who offer these services do so because there is a demand for it. The demand created by YOU gentlemen. We are simply fulfilling a need. So realize, it’s your play time but it’s our BUSINESS.


You may be surprised to hear we are NOT looking for boyfriends and we’re NOT interested in you beyond anything professional even if it might seem that way sometimes. This may sound a bit harsh but many men have strange notions about who erotic body rub providers are and why they offer the service. ‘Nuf said. 



***At least 1-2 hours notice is needed.*** <– IMPORTANT!

***Dyann is available for appointments BEFORE 10am if made the day before.***

The more notice and the earlier in the day you call, the more likely Dyann will be available.

If Dyann doesn’t answer please follow up with a text or VM so she knows you’re serious.


Contact Dyann at: 347-602-3136 Or send an email at:

Thank you and have a very sensual day.


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