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Pushing & Backing Off: Striking the Right Balance (Part 2)

backing off

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Part 2: Backing Off When You Should Push

This is the other side of the coin that can get you into as much trouble if not more with women.

Let’s start with another example;

Your wife has arrived at the restaurant you’ve made reservations for.

She sits down, orders a big glass of wine and launches into what her bitchy coworker did that day.

You try not to let your eyes glaze over and say, “That’s a bummer. Gee, the filet mignon looks good. What are you having?”

Okay. Let’s call this a teachable moment.

At our core, men and women are equal. We’re all human beings spawn from the same source.

What’s not equal is the way we communicate and see the world.

This is a Good Thing.

It’s About Balance

It’s how Life balances itself. Life will always seek balance.

Just look at your own body. We are made for homeostasis.

As within, so without.

Here’s the important part. No one expects you to relate to your wife like her best girlfriend, but you’ve got to stretch your understanding.

There’s a reason why she’s telling you this story. Play detective.

Ask questions. If you really don’t understand say so.

If it’s appropriate, respond with how you would handle a similar situation.

The most important thing here is to NOT back off. Not now!   Backing Off.  

She’ll probably come at you pretty hard. Why? Because she’s not feeling supported by you.

Don’t let her railroad you. It’s okay that you don’t see life in the same way.

The only trouble here is judgement. On both sides.

She’s judging you because you’re dismissive and condescending of her. While you judge her for being weak and easily flustered.

Reach a bit.

Reach But Don’t Get Railroaded

Women often gripe about bitchy coworkers and the like because they notice many subtle and obvious things that they tend to take personally.

What women can learn from men is the ability to stay contained.

While men can learn to be more harmonious from women.

If you demonstrate you’re trying to understand, without letting her stomp on you, you’ll earn her respect.

In return, she will start to feel supported by you which will increase her sense of self-worth.

With self-worth comes a softening toward you. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Good Luck Gentlemen. Dyann xoxo

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This is a fun video. I laughed. I hope you do to. (Psssst. Viewed 10+ million times)!

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