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#RapeSpecies – Apparently Rape Begins Not As A Mental Misfiring – It’s In Our DNA

alex allman #rapespecies

#R a p e S p e c i e s

Apparently Rape Begins Not As A Mental Misfiring

It’s In Our DNA


OK…. this came as a surprise to me since I have more faith in the human race than what the hashtag #RapeSpecies would suggest.


However, I thought it might be interesting for you guys to hear what one of your fellow men – a man who specializes in helping men and women have better relationships and sex – has to say about #RapeSpecies.

This is Alex Allman, creator of Revolutionary Sex, all round nice guy, as well as being a sex and relationship expert.

Below he talks about what is happening in our culture today. 3/4s of the way into this video he goes into the hashtag #RapeSpecies element of our humanity.

Weinstein Piggery

He also says the women who slept with Harvey Weinstein early in their careers and said nothing about it until now, are “complicit” in Weinstein’s piggish, brutish depravity.

Uhm… I couldn’t DISAGREE with him more.

Alex is a lovely man and I think he is doing enormous good in people’s lives.

However, a young actress is NEVER complicit in this kind of depravity when her budding acting career is on the line.

It’s choosing between sleeping with a Weinstein pig and getting help in her career within a brutal business or don’t sleep with him and get blackballed in the industry.

Not much of a choice. Is shooting herself in the foot an option too?

Even if a young woman in that position told someone in authority (back in the 80s and 90s) that Weinstein tried to force himself on her what would have been done?

I suspect a big ball of NOTHING.


Then the story would be out.

Some higher ups would know about it and at least mention it to the Weinstein pig… which means he’d know she tattled and he’d black ball her.

Meaning Weinstein would start telling lies like… she’s on drugs or shows up late or is too difficult and not a good actress.

If you’ve got Weinstein clout in a white, male dominated business, that kind of talk travels long and deep.

The budding young actress would soon become a seasoned young waitress again.

Ahhhh…. the inequities of the sexes… but that’s why I have this blog and why I’m posting this video.

Constructive comments are always welcome.

Here’s Alex Allman talking about Weinstein and #RapeSpecies:

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