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Conversations with Dyann

Conversations with Dyann are the articles where Dyann reflects on the many chats she’s had in her sessions.

President-Elect Trump: Reflections of A Textbook Narcissist (VIDEO)

Trump is a Textbook Narcissist

What has become infinitely clear to me (and many others) is that president-elect Donald Trump is a textbook narcissist. The Textbook Narcissist He’s always out for himself. Always. As such, Trump needs his all-forgiving, truth-oblivious legion of supporters behind him….
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December 19th – Trump & The Day of the Faithless Electoral College (VIDEOS)

Electoral College Dec. 19th

I found a short video that talks about why the Electoral College was invented. I’ve also included some links to legit news sources to great info if you would like to know more. Click the pale lavender text to open the articles…
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