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The Sociopath You Love: Yes, Men Love Them Too (Part 2)


The Sociopath You Love:

Yes, Men Love Them Too

Part 2

OK… instead of creating one really long post I thought it might be prudent to break it up.

So, these are a continuation of my comments on the previously mentioned article from

Let’s remember that this article sites that 1 in 25 people, either men or women are considered sociopathic.

So, we all known a sociopath.

Here are rules 8 through 13 of the 13 RULES to FOLLOW .

Comments on rules 1 thru 7 are HERE.

THEIR article will be in purple.  MY comments in BLACK.


8. Do not live in isolation.

**This is a big one. So to speak. The more isolated you are the more your perception can be warped. We all need an objective eye.

Talk to your friends and family members that you trust.

You don’t have to betray confidences, but tell them some of the behavior you have to deal with from your beloved sociopath. Then see what they say.**

9. Enlist support.

**In the article they suggest getting support from… family and friends, an attorney, therapist and/or the police. Join a support group. That’s it.

I’m not sure what the author is getting at here, but if you need to gather this much support maybe it’s time to get the hell out.**

10. Document, document, document.

**That’s it. The author didn’t actually add any comments to this title.

I have to assume they’re suggesting you document the behavior of your beloved crazy person because no one will believe you. Unless they’re a behavioral specialist who deals sociopaths regularly.

The author may have been suggesting you document their behavior if you are thinking of divorcing them or leaving a business you have together… since lawyers will be needed.

Don’t let it get to that point though.**

11. Recognize the “pity play.”

**Oh boy, is this a big one… narcissists, bullies, manipulators, intimidators, sociopaths or anyone who uses tactics to get what they want from people… wallow in self-pity.

And honestly, I know some of you won’t like hearing this but, our current POTUS is a text book example. He wallows in it. Wallow. Wallow. Wallower.**

12. Never agree to help him/her conceal his/her true character.

**That’s right. It won’t help. Don’t be an enabler. Don’t be Ivanka.**

13. Share your experience.

**Ok, this sounds a bit like the author is repeating themselves.

They’ve made reference to gathering support and talking to people about your sociopath’s behavior.

Basically, if you’re feeling jerked over and disrespected… you are.

Unless, you think everyone is jerking you over and disrespecting you. Then perhaps there’s other issues to look at…**

Well, that’s fodder for another article. ‘Til then, good-bye and God bless.

Stay sensual, Dyann xoxo

Below is a podcast of an interview.

The interviewee is a medically diagnosed female sociopath who wrote a book on the subject.

Anti-social Personality Disorder = Sociopath

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