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Is There… Or Will There Ever Be Satisfaction In Sex Work?

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Is There… Or Will There Ever Be

Satisfaction In Sex Work?


The USA channel aired the pilot episode of Satisfaction in 2014….

This is a new show I haven’t seen yet.

If you have please send comments. 🙂

The show addresses the many reasons why so many people enter the sex work industry…..

Hint- it’s not just for money and desperation. Amen.

Sex Work Is REAL Work

If you’re a frequenter of sex services… be they erotic bodyrubs or full service escorts or anything in between, the show “Satisfaction” may be enlightening.

The fact is, sex work is real work. So I encourage you to treat your provider as the business person they are.

If they are professional and serious about the service they offer then they may just be good enough to rank up their with your therapist and doctor.

Is this a grandiose notion? Well, if you think of the time, money and effort some clients put into receiving sex services then no, it isn’t.

Sex work may even be the “apple a day” that keeps clients healthy enough to stay out of the doctor’s office and out of the therapist’s chair.

Why Do I Say This?

Well, it could be because I offer therapeutic sensual massage and I know most of my clients let go completely with me.

They are looking to “let go” fully with someone on every level, not just sexually.

Most of us hold something back from doctors and therapists, right? But, why hold back with a sex worker? It’s as primal as it gets.

It’s the oldest profession, and like death and taxes we can always count on it being there no matter how far underground it’s driven.

So have a look at “Satisfaction” a new show about an old industry. You might have fun watching and learn a little something too. 😉

If your interested in a little FBSM you can check out this page.

Thank you for reading and have a sensual day, Dyann xoxo