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What I’ve Discovered Working As A Sensual Massage Therapist

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What I’ve Discovered Working As A

Sensual Massage Therapist


I’ve been a certified massage therapist (CMT) for close to 20 years.

I’ve done many jobs over the years and performing legit therapeutic massage has been a big part of that.

I’ve worked in clinics and spas across the country and built a private list of clients (off and on)  over the years.

Yet, my journey as a sensual massage therapist and bodyworker began approximately four years ago at the time of this writing.

I decided I wanted to make a living online and had no idea how to go about it, but I knew I’d need a flexible schedule.

So, I decided to ramp up my private massage business once again.  

The trouble was my strictly therapeutic massage practice was busy some weeks, but not on others. I was working part time at a spa too.

Although, the pay at this spa like most every spa was terrible. I needed more consistency.

So, I decided to do what I had vowed I was never going to do. “The ending.”

Once Upon A Time…

Most everyone who called me for my private practice was male. Nearly all of them asked (either directly or indirectly) about whether or not I offer an “ending.”

I turned down a TON of business.

I didn’t want to get into the sleazy side of the biz. After all, I’d avoided it for most of my massage career.

However, the need for more flexibility forced me to go to that place every certified female massage therapist avoids, but is nearly always judged or accused of doing anyway.

I began offering happy endings… and I’ve never had such a thriving private massage practice in my life.

However, in many ways the ‘happy ending’ sensual massage work is just as creepy, weird and sleazy as I suspected it would be.

It all depends on… the client.

No Discrimination Here

I do not discriminate. My clients are of every age, race, background and education level.

I have single 22 year old psych majors looking for girlfriends, rugged, married 35 year old firefighters, divorced 41 year old cyber security experts, 28 year old military guys back from tours in the Middle East, 59 year old widowed real estate agents with mistresses half their age and young children, 78 year old retired corporate attorneys with adult children in political office, I’ve got construction workers, personal trainers, pharmaceutical salesmen, a professional poker player, a neurosurgeon, a little person (dwarf) etc.

The list goes on.

So, it’s been a trade off. I get a thriving private practice and the clients leave… thriving.

There’s More To Sensual Massage

Massage therapy is the type of service that facilitates deeper forms of conversation.

My chats with clients often turn to sex and how men and women relate to each other.

I try to offer an objective opinion.

My advice is not typical of most relationship ‘experts’ since I’m not an ‘expert’ in anything.

What makes my perspective somewhat unique, is my understanding of what men and women need from each other in general.

As far as sensual massage providers go, I’m quite conservative and businesslike. All my clients know that.

However, what all male clients want from female bodyworkers is some type of friendly and flirtatious interaction.

Even if the sensual massage session doesn’t lead to full on sex. Just the act of pleasant conversation with an attractive woman makes a man feel like more of a man.

You Need Us

The fact is, men need women. It’s not just about sex or power which is certainly part of it.

It’s also about a man’s sense of himself. When a man doesn’t get the validation from women he desperately craves, it’s devastating for him.

Women need men too, but more so in the beginning of their lives.

I’ve seen this in the lives of older divorced or widowed women and also in my mother. Women get to a point in their lives where men become optional for their happiness.

For men though, their desire for women never ends.

My Hope For You

My hope is that men will take their need for women and accept it.  

When a man genuinely acknowledges his deep need for women instead of running from it, he learns to respect and appreciation them.

It’s this respect and appreciation toward women that is much more likely to get men the validation they so readily crave.

In the end, it’s a win win.

Thank you for reading and have a very sensual day, Dyann xoxo

Dyann Bridges is a massage therapist and bodyworker based out of Westchester, New York. Check her out at The Body House.

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