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This section is dedicated to relationship tips & advice.

Dyann offers advice for men who want to connect with women in a deeper and more substantial way.

Take a look at her ebook: The Relaters Manual: A Guide For Men 

OR visit her relationship coaching and confidante site for men at:

Dyann also puts out regular short podcast segments. Find them here:

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The Bridges Bulletin on Youtube

Communicating Better For Better Relationships

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    Many women in a relationship feel like they have to hold back saying things to their men. Things they want to say but may bother him to hear. Women want to put a voice to their desire to feel safe, protected and special by their men. A woman craves these feelings when she’s…
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Aggression vs Assertiveness – What’s The Difference and Why It Matters {VIDEO}

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  This is a short podcast segment examining the difference between aggression or assertiveness. There is a difference and it makes a BIG difference in relating to others.   The Relaters Manual: A Guide For Men by Dyann Bridges CMT How To Do The Soulmate Embrace {FREE eBook} – 30 Romance…
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Emotional Sobriety = Maturity = A Better Future For Everyone (VIDEO)

maturity, emotional sobriety, sensual life coaching, erotic audio, audio porn, mature female voiceover, custom audio, sexy MP3

  This short podcast about Emotional Sobriety was inspired by Carlos Castenada’s wisdom. It focuses on his philosophy of Emotional Sobriety which equals Maturity which equals A Better Future For Everyone. For those of you who do not know who he is, Castenada was an apprentice to Mexican shaman in the 1960s. For the next…
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This May Be The Most Important 47 Minutes You Spend On Sex & Relationships… EVER {Audio/Video}

sex and relationships, tips for men, susan bratton

This is some of the best advice you’ll ever hear on sex and relationships. Let Susan Bratton instruct you on how to open your woman to her innate sexuality. There are some SPECIFIC foundations that need to be in place. A woman must feel completely SAFE and accepted, as well as, reassured and rewarded for accepting herself sexually. In this 47 minute training, Susan is going to turn you into a champion sexual lioness-maker.

Susan Bratton’s Revive Her Drive {VIDEOS}

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  Hello Gentlemen; Let me ask you this… Does your wife or long-term girlfriend have no time for sex anymore? Doesn’t she show the same interest in you as she did when you first met her? Do you feel your relationship has lost its sexual spark? Any mismatch between her libido and yours is more…
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G + PG Rated Sex & Relating Advice For Men

sensual blog for men susan bratton sex advisor, relationship coach

  SUSAN BRATTON is a Highly Regarded “Sexpert” and offers Sex & Relating Advice For Men.  After more than a decade in the sex and relating space Susan has developed a HUGE Catalogue of FREE and paid products. It works like this –> Susan offers a ton of information on Sex & Relating Advice For…
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