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This archive is where old posts go to die…

The Body House has gone through a huge revamp and these topics are no longer a part of the vision.


Gentlemen Please: Develop Your Sense of Responsibility

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I’ve mentioned this a number of times before on my blog… Developing Your Sense of Responsibility. For example, I wrote about how it’s important to get a burner cell if you don’t want evidence of an erotic provider on your personal or work cellphone. It seems like a straight forward concept, but many men don’t…
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Sex With Robots: Making Women Obsolete? {UPDATED & VIDEOS}

Here’s a video about robots which are being developed specifically for sex. That’s sex with men (of course). The video is an online news source. The Young Turks or TYT Network. They’ve been around for about 15 years and they are the largest online news show in the world. I mention this because we are…
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What is The Red Umbrella Project? (VIDEO)

red umbrella, red umbrellas

  As a sex worker, you may or may not have heard of The Red Umbrella Project. If your not a sex worker, you should be aware of the work they do. It affects commmunities everywhere. The work they do is on behalf of sex workers across the country. The Mission of RedUP The Red Umbrella…
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Taunts R Us: Sex Toys For the New Millennium

sex toys

In our modern high tech world, even sex toys have taken huge leaps in technological sophistication. The Real Deal The Real Doll line of sex dolls has been around since 1997. However, in 2017, they’ve really upped their game. You’d swear their newest products actually have a heart beat. Do you have a serious crush on…
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FOSTA -SESTA Continues To Disrupt The Erotic Industry – No Desiree Conference

Desiree Conference

FOSTA -SESTA Continues To Disrupt The Erotic Industry – No Desiree Conference     The FOSTA-SESTA fallout continues. Organizers of The Desiree Conference the biggest gathering for training sex workers and sex work advocates, cancelled the event (held every 3 years) stating the newly-passed FOSTA-SESTA law could endangers the attendees. And you know what… they’re…
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  The fallout from the FOSTA-SESTA law is continuing. As so many predicted, the law is harming consensual sex workers and now… regular dating sites… AND freedom online. I came across a story about a site called (now defunct as of Nov./2018). I hadn’t heard of it, but then again….   I’m not interested…
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