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lola davina interview thriving in sex workListen To Interviews With Business Owners ​
in The 3 Fringe Industries of Sex, Cannabis & Psychics​ {BELOW} Thank you. Enjoy listening!
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Trump Narcissist

Donald Trump: Our Narcissist-in-Chief (VIDEOS)

2016 was a turbulent and poignant year in politics and for America as a whole. Like millions of others, I’m still reeling from Donald Trump’s victory as our president-elect and Narcissist-in-Chief. Trump is All About Trump I followed the campaign closely. I wrote and read hundreds of news articles covering the insane things Trump did and…
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Think You’re A Woke Bloke? That’s Too Bad… And Here’s Why {VIDEO}

  These gentlemen sum up the many, many reasons why being “woke” is really a demonstration of a lack of unity and inclusiveness that “wokeness” claims it’s all about. Listen to UK actor Laurence Fox be interviewed on Spiked a news podcast, video and website which is hosted by Brendan O’Neill. More of The Basement…
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Another MK Ultra Survivor Tells His Story – The Myth Is REAL – {VIDEO}

  Denny Hunt is the host of his “Why Is This True?” Youtube Channel. Denny interviews a man who tells his story of being traumatized and mind controlled from the time he was an infant. He’s pieced together the weird situations in his life through much self reflection and investigation. Watch the other MKUltra interview…
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This Man’s Mind Control Story Is So Unbelievable… Yet It’s True & He’s One of Thousands {VIDEO}

  This video is not for the faint of heart. This man, who’s name is Ron, tells his story publicly for the first time in his 60+ years. He is a survivor of the MK ULTRA Mind Control program. For those who are not familiar with this program, it’s a US government mind…
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