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5 quick tips to relate to women betterDyann gives you the “Macro View” of the relationships between the genders in The Relaters Manual.

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This is not your usual run-of-the-mill dating and relationships advice.

In this section Dyann also highlights the work of others who are putting out great content on the sexes. One of her partners is Susan Bratton.

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What Is A Tulpa? The Invisible Friend Of Our New World? {VIDEO}

tulpa dream invisble friend imaginary friend for adults

  Have you heard of a tulpa? I hadn’t until recently. Basically, it’s like tulpas are a type of imaginary friend for adults. This is such a phenomenon, there are now forums and websites dedicated to the formation and cultivation of a tulpa. Below is a video which describes a relatively complete, non-scientific theory on…
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Fear And Safety When Relating To Women – What A Man Must Know

Love fear hate relationships safety

  I found this video on Youtube from a psychic who often discusses relationships. Her name is Teal Swan and besides having great advice she’s also very beautiful. In this video, Teal discusses a man’s need to understand a woman’s fear. She stresses that women have a need for safety and men need to be…
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