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5 quick tips to relate to women betterThis section is for relationships advice. Dyann gives you her unique ‘macro view’ along with sexpert Susan Bratton and other curated voices.

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Gentlemen Please: Develop Your Sense of Responsibility

responsibility man and woman

I’ve mentioned this a number of times before on my blog. For example, I wrote about how it’s important to get a burner cell if you don’t want evidence of an erotic provider on your personal or work cellphone. It seems like a straight forward concept, but many men don’t apply it. However, it keeps…
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Marking Her Territory: A Tale of An Over Zealous Co-worker

marking her territory

I had a client in his late twenties. He’d been coming to see me for about 4 years. Each time he came by for an appointment he would talk about his latest romantic interests. This particular time he mentioned he had started a new job. It was in his field of interest, he enjoyed the…
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Comply, Deny & No Reply: Inside the Mind of Melania Trump

trump and melania comply deny and no reply

Comply, Deny & No Reply: Inside the Mind of Melania Trump   To comply, deny and not reply are the psychological tools of women who deal with hyper-dominant or ‘alpha’ males on the regular. I felt the need to write this article because of a recent client encounter. He was, in many ways, your typical…
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