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5 quick tips to relate to women betterThis section is for relationships advice. Dyann gives you her unique ‘macro view’ along with sexpert Susan Bratton and other curated voices.

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So… You Think You Know Women? Think Again…

I said to him, “No, you don’t know women.” I was describing the main topic of my blog to a man, just the other day, when I felt compelled to point this out. Men don’t know women. Granted this man was the kind of man who enjoys the company of women and is never long…
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Does Entitlement + Self Pity = Ego Identity?

Could Self Pity + Entitlement = Violence? The Body House is a blog dedicated to helping men relate better to women, as well as, information on Dyann’s sensual massage sessions. However, it’s hard to stay silent about the shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana. The incidents highlight some male characteristics that need to be tended to….
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A Note to MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way)

A Note to MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way)   It wasn’t until recently I discovered the term MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way. I had to look it up. In the Urban Dictionary it’s defined HERE   The definition is as follows (verbatim): MGTOW is basically the statement of self-ownership and saying that…
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Picking Up the Slack – Men Calling Out Other Men

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Picking Up The Slack – Men Calling Out Men I feel for you guys. I do. This may still be a man’s world, but it’s tough to be a guy. This world tends to favor men, especially white men (let’s be honest) and opens doors for you guys just because you’re you. However, maybe it’s this…
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The 3 Stages of Love: According to Science

The 3 Stages of Love: According to Science   Psychologists have shown it takes any where from 90 seconds to 4 minutes to decide if we’re attracted to someone. These factors have much to do with what’s NOT said.   Here’s the breakdown on how we decide if we’re interested in someone:   55% of…
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