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5 quick tips to relate to women betterDyann gives you the “Macro View” of the relationships between the genders in The Relaters Manual.

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This is not your usual run-of-the-mill dating and relationships advice.

In this section Dyann also highlights the work of others who are putting out great content on the sexes. One of her partners is Susan Bratton.

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When a Man Tells You He Really Respects Women… BEWARE

respect for women, passive aggressive men, submissive men

    I was a (CMT) certified female massage therapist with 20 years experience. So I’ve met a lot of men. I used to offer a very sensual element to my sessions. However, I believe these business encounters reveal much about the attitudes men have toward women. A client of mine once said I must…
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Female Stereotypes That Need to Stop – NOW!

good lover, fbsm, sensual massage near me, relationship tips, sex advice

  OK… Gentlemen; I love to curate content from around the web that epitomizes the theme of The Body House…. “An internet mancave from a woman’s perspective.” One of my favorite go-to blogs is owned by James M. Sama. There is a link to his blog on the links page, too. His most recent post (as…
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