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evocative stories, famous ladies, marilyn monroeIn this category you’ll find some fictional erotica and REAL LIFE experiences too.

Men, Women, Relationships & Human Experience: The Great Equalizer

Human Experience

Men, Women & Human Experience: The Great Equalizer Hello Gentlemen; Some of you know my philosophy about men and women. Here is an example… The Body House. My Philosophy In a Nutshell: Men and women must honor each other as a man or a woman FIRST, before the individual aspects of the relationship can be addressed and ultimately…
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“She Said It Was Just A Massage…”

prostitution, full body sensual massage by sexy lady

“She Said It Was Just A Massage…” In an effort to help you guys understand what your friendly neighborhood erotic massage service provider deals with, I’ve found an article I want to share with you. It highlights the struggles of sex workers.  Click here. Yes, It’s Sex Work Even though my work is very conservative…
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Meet the Man With a ‘Bionic Penis’ (VIDEO)

I read the below article about the man with the “bionic penis” and my first thought was: “God Bless Sex Workers!” The article is about Mo Abad, a man based in London who had a horrible accident as a child. He ran into the street, got caught under a car and was dragged for 600…
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The Art of Negotiating With a Bodyrub Provider

The Art of Negotiating With a Bodyrub Provider Many men feel it’s acceptable to begin negotiating with a bodyrub provider right from the word “Go.” Many women who do this work have come to expect it. If it’s your first time booking with me however, I consider it bad form. For those of you who like negotiating…
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