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2 Videos EROTIC HYPNOTIC ASMR & HFO MEDITATION – Narrated by a Mature, Sensual Female Voice

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This is an EROTIC HYPNOTIC HFO MEDITATION. This erotic audio gets pretty sexy. Allow Dyann to hypnotize you with a large, beautiful, deeply purple amethyst necklace…

The audio is layered binaural waves with VERY STRONG EROTIC MOUTH SOUNDS. Lots of snapping of the tongue and licking of the ears (ASMR microphone) There is NO Talking. Accompanied by a compilation of lovely LADIES in BIKINIS on the beach….

Enjoy Gentlemen. NSFW. Layered ASMR sounds often give VERY strong tingles and excite the sexual senses. This is the kind of video best enjoyed with headphones/earbuds and privacy. Then let it all go….

Thank you for your interest in The Body House..


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