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Because You Know At Least One: Identifying the Sociopath (VIDEOS)

Trump the Sociopath

Because You Know At Least One: Identifying the Sociopath (VIDEOS)

No man is an island.

Although, some men think and behave as if they are.

If The Shoe Fits

This brings us to the term sociopath.

The word sociopath has been thrown around a lot since our president-elect Donald Trump first started his campaign.

As they say… if the shoe fits.

Most balanced people understand that an individual’s consciousness can not and does not expand in isolation.

The balanced minded person understand that their inner environment will affect their outer environment, as well as those around them.

No Man is an Ideological Island

Men and women tend to have vastly different thinking processes and it shows up as distinctly different behavior.

We also have vastly different bodies and physiologies which means we experience the world in distinctly different ways; As the world sees us and treats us in significantly different ways.

I wanted to point out some of the traits a sociopath demonstrates so we are able to recognize one when we meet one.

There are female sociopaths, but they exhibit different characteristics.

However, I will go into the female sociopathic psychology in another article.

Signs That Indicate You Could be Talking to a Sociopath

As we count down toward an assuredly tumultuous inauguration day on January 20/2016, I ask that the men reading this become more aware of sociopathic behavior.

Once you learn just a little about how sociopaths work, you start to see where they’ve popped up in your life.

That weird guy at the office. The jerk that taught your high school science class. The creepy guy at your corner deli.

I also believe that, being human, all of us have almost certainly have exhibited at least some of these behaviors at some time in our lives no matter how fleeting they were.

You may recognize them as stress responses. The sociopath is, in many ways constantly under psychological stress.

So, consequently he lives out these stress responses as personality traits.

In no particular order, here are some signs that indicate you could be talking to a sociopath:

  • Surface Charm
  • Lots of Glibness/Sarcasm
  • Extreme Egoism
  • Loads of Grandiosity
  • Tremendous Thrill Seeker
  • Compulsive Lying
  • Inability to Feel Guilt
  • No Sense of Responsibility
  • Very Shallow Emotional Ability
  • Immaturity
  • No Empathy or Compassion
  • Explosive and Unpredictable Anger
  • Excessive Casual Sexual Encounters/Promiscuity
  • Tends to Develop Sociopathic Signs Early in Life/in Teens
  • Loves to Play Mind Games/Gas Lighting
  • A Certain Level of Sadism

That’s a lot to take in.

You can see how there is a good chance you have been dealing with sociopaths since your teenage years.

You may even recognize some of these traits in yourself. I know I do.

Make The Leap

A culture’s celebrities reflect who they.

For example, Donald Trump is famous because he reflects a large segment of American society. We recognize ourselves in him.

Gentlemen, we need you to be beacons of true masculinity. The kind that is patient and tolerant.

It’s the kind of masculinity that thrives on challenge without having to tell the world about it. The kind that strands strong with singular focus and without bluster.

It’s the kind of masculinity that is not reactive, but measured in response.

The kind of masculinity that knows when it’s time to leave kid shit behind and embrace the sobering knock of maturity.

This video gives a “top ten” list of characteristics sociopaths exhibit.

Very interesting….

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