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A Video Introduction to The Relaters Manual: A Guide For Men & The Deets Sheet

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This video goes briefly into the sections I’ve created in The Relaters Manual. A relationship series of videos and information intended to help men understand women better. There is a short Deets Sheet below the video.




What Are The Brain Differences Between Men and Women?

We Just Think Differently

The Direction of the Flow of Neurons

In Women – the neurons flow side to side

  • This creates a tendency within women to facilitate emotion easily and analyze their feelings quickly
  • It allows women to tap into other’s feelings and analyze that information quickly too
  • This makes women simultaneously good logical and intuitive thinkers
  • This tends to make women talkative, harmonious, sociable and like connecting with people
  • Women prefer to be the one wanted and have men come to her
  • Because of these traits, women often excel in fields such as medicine, education, sales, politics, counseling/therapy and any creative business environment


In Men – the neurons flow back and forth within each hemisphere

  • This creates a tendency in a man where he naturally perceives something and then takes action; he remembers something and then makes something new or innovation
  • It helps men to compartmentalize feelings and emotions and what he thinks about
  • This tends to make men want accomplishment and to reach goals
  • Men tend to want to want something. They want to feel the urge to connect with a woman
  • These neural pathways make a man good with his hands such as with carpentry and with planning such as engineering and architecture

The Amount of Grey & White Matter

  • Grey matter has more active neurons in it

  • White matter has more connections between the active neurons

  • Men have 6.5x times more grey matter than women

  • Women have 10 times more white matter than men

The thicker the central membrane (Corpus Callosum) is between the hemispheres, the more creative a person becomes.


The Cerebellum sits in the back of the brain at the base

The Cerebellum is responsible for:

  • fine motor skill, balance and coordination
  • is the older part of the brain which holds deep ancient memories
  • receives sensory information from the spinal cord, other parts of the brain

There are millions of different life forms on Earth. There are only 2 genders per species. That’s endemic to the duality of Life.


Remember: Life always seeks balance

The Energetic Differences Between Men and Women

For men and women to keep a hot, spicy relationship alive the differences between the sexes must be emphasized.

Keep a woman feeling safe; not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

When you make a woman feel safe she will WANT to GIVE to even more in return. Women are dying to give. She won’t though, if she doesn’t feel respected and safe.

Don’t make her feel like she could be one of many. Let her know how special she is to you and you’ll have an easier time of it.

Remember to stand up to her and stand up for her.

Don’t let her ‘crazy’ make you run or get aggressive. Stand and stay internally still. Speak your truth without getting hostile.


National Stats

  • Statistics indicate 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys is a victim of child sexual abuse in America.
  • 3 out of 4 teens who had been sexually assaulted were victimized by someone they knew, often times well, such as a relative, neighbor or babysitter – making these children almost 14 times more likely to experience another rape or attempted rape in their freshman year of college


In other words, almost every woman you have ever known, know now or will ever meet has had at least one incident of sexual/physical abuse.

  • Work makes a man stronger emotionally and mentally. It forces men to stay disciplined.
  • Women like working too. Women have a natural studiousness about them. However, women like to experiment and be creative. Women may shut down internally if she can’t find a way to give of herself substantially to the world.

Men & Women are Equal but Not the Same


Female Impotence = The feeling a woman has when she can’t find a way to give substantially of herself in a way that’s valued by others.


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