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Laurence Fishburne, Trevor Noah And Their Trump 45* {VIDEO}

Laurence Fishburne, Trevor Noah And Their Trump 45*

Some of you may know The Daily Show on Comedy Central.

It was made popular by the comedian Jon Stewart. In fact, under Stewart the show won an Emmy and a Peabody.

The new replacement is a young man I have never seen before. He’s very different to Stewart although just as brilliant.

He is sprite and cheeky where Stewart was cynical and glib. He’s just 33 years old, black and from South Africa. His name is Trevor Noah.

The Daily Show is and always has been a show on political satire.

The Popcorn Matrix

Recently, Noah interviewed Laurence Fishburne. During such, Fishburne referred to Trump as 45.

As in the 45th President of the United States. Noah and the audience glommed on to it… and so did I.

Now we have a term to refer to Trump without actually having to say the title!

What a relief.

Watching 45 do what he does everyday is like getting a husk of popcorn stuck between two molars…

  • You know how it got there and you’re constantly irritated by it
  • You still can’t quite believe how it got so deeply embedded
  • You poke at it, but it won’t budge
  • You shout protests in the mirror while waving a toothpick
  • You lay awake at night wondering how to dislodge it

The real trouble is… if the husk stays there long enough… it just might kill you.

South African Slang

Not only that, but Noah shared a tip from South African culture. For South Africans, the number 45 is slang for penis. Perfection.

For some, the number 45 in connection to Trump signifies a gun. One of the comments at the end of this Daily Koz article said this:

“A gun can be looked upon as protection and strength, but it can also be feared and deadly.

Utilizing 45* with the asterisk has a different impact because an asterisk means illegitimate.

So, if they look at Trump 45* as strength and protection, it doesn’t work because it doesn’t make sense to have “illegitimate protection” or “illegitimate strength”.

What about “illegitimate fear”? Fear is a feeling and can’t be quantified in the same way as protection or strength.”


This female commenter ends off her post by saying this:

“I am also hoping that 45* will drive him nuts.  Wow!  I never in a million years thought I would say that about a President of the United States. Scary Times. Peace.”

And now… your moment of zen….   Trump 45*

Have a Sensual Day, Dyann xoxox

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