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So Many Men Do Not Know How To Give A Woman An Orgasm – A REAL Orgasm… Learn How Now..

learn how to touch a woman


More great info from Susan Bratton from Personal Life Media


Not every man has had the experience of giving or seeing a woman orgasm… right?

Some people don’t even believe that ejaculatory orgasms for women are possible.

Some women struggle to have even a single clitoral orgasm. Once a man teaches a woman to have a wider swath of sensation, it often increases a woman’s overall orgasmic ability.

Porn and other sources have taught us to be a clit-centric society, but it’s too basic.

Susan and one of her contributors Dr. Tallulah Sulis explain why it’s time to understand ALL the types of orgasms a woman can have and a man can give her.


Susan and her contributor Dr. Tallulah Sulis explain how a woman can have multiple ejaculatory orgasms.. then becomes addicted to them…

Learn how to touch her to turn her on FAST… HERE.  or here—>learn how to touch a woman


Get a review of scenarios and tools a lover needs to have total confidence in the process.

Learn why it’s of paramount importance to create a “safe place” for her so she can let it all go.

Discover the variety of techniques for generating ejaculatory orgasms, including orally, manually, with toys and through intercourse.

Susan and Tallulah describe the exercises you can do together to rock her world, including some of the fun names of the techniques like “Fwap Fwap Fwapping,” and  “The Hovercraft.”

And finally, get a detailed explanation of the contents of the Female Liquid Orgasm membership site, how it works, everything that’s available including the ebooks, audio tutorials and tasteful, yet explicitly helpful, video clips of real women ejaculating.

Happy relating gentlemen! Have a sensual day, Dyann xo

learn how to touch a woman

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