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The New Narrative on Sex & Masculinity – Men Don’t Get Caught In This Situation…{VIDEO}

The New Narrative on Sex & Masculinity - A Cautionary Tale


I came across this 2016 video about a woman in her 40s who is a sociologist and sexologist. Her name is Dr. Jenn and she was speaking at The New Narrative.

She bravely recounts a dating experience that ended in one of those awkward pseudo-sexual encounters that leaves both parties scratching their heads.

When I heard it, I recognized it as common and I respected her for sharing it… although I couldn’t believe as a doctor of sociology and sexologist would behave in such a JUVENILE manner…


When you watch the video below… tell me that story sounds just like what 20-somethings do… I know I did.

But then I wised up…


Unfortunately, how this woman has processed this encounter – without taking much responsibility for how SHE gave him mixed signals – has become somewhat accepted in the post #MeToo movement.

This man, she met for the first time (face to face) after more than a year Skyping and texting, was certainly NOT Harvey Weinstein.

Gentlemen, don’t do what this man did and don’t let a woman do this to you.


Listen to Dr. Jenn ( turn her real life experience into a lecture entitled ‘Sex & the Price of Masculinity’ at The New Narrative storytelling event in San Diego, CA. – and then… let’s do better.

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