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Real Life Bond Girl: The Jeffery Epstein Associate NO ONE Is Talking About

nicole junkerman


When I discovered this amateur sleuth and his writings I was a bit shocked.

The Epstein case goes deeper and deeper every time we turn around…


Here is Johnny Vedmore talking about Nicole Junkerman (Real Life Bond Girl):

I have a story to tell you. A story that causes my heart to pound and my blood pressure to rise as I type each and every word. A true story of a woman of great wealth and power, who rode on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” private jet on several occasions.

She appears to be a German-born Israeli state intelligence operative based in London. An ex-model whose name appeared in the Panama Papers from the Mossack Fonseca leaks and who became embroiled in a FIFA corruption scandal with Sepp Blatter and his family.

She (Junkerman) is perhaps the closest example that you could possibly find to a real-life “Bond Girl.” Yet, she is almost completely unknown to the majority of us.

This woman is in with the wolves… the ones who are rich and travel under the radar, yet are part of setting up the rip off and control of US… the 98%.


Vedmore says THIS is part of why she is so dangerous:

This lady has recently infiltrated the NHS through the UK Department of Health and Social Care with the help of Matt Hancock MP, and her presence signifies a major threat to the data security of every citizen of the United Kingdom.

Every single piece of data about you, your health issues, your blood type, the model of the wireless pacemaker keeping you alive, every detail of every embarrassing medical problem in the hands of the Israeli state apparatus and potentially sold off to the highest bidder.


Think this doesn’t concern you? Think again…

You may think that this doesn’t concern you. Why would you need to worry about a foreign far-right government which has been proven to meddle in the affairs of our country? Your data would be useless to them, surely? But that’s not the world we live in anymore.

Big data is the modern gold rush. The psychologists and marketing agents have mastered how to make you buy things; the next step is for them to successfully master making you do things, and for that kind of control over people, they need everybody’s data.


Vedmore has published a couple of other articles on Junkerman in her connection with Epstein.

They are definitely worth a read. Vedmore is actually a musician and investigates these types of stories in his own time. I have to say… NO ONE is writing about this stuff.

Vedmore is the only one I’ve found who is talking about Junkerman and her connection to Epstein.


See more on Epstein and Junkerman from Vedmore below…

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