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Wondering what a session (phone or bodywork) with Dyann might be like? Below are some reviews from her wonderful clients! **All reviews have been printed with permission**

Here are what some clients have to say:


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The months of November & December/2019 – {Click the Pic to be taken to Dyann’s Niteflirt Profile. Opens New Tab}

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The months of September & October/2019 – {Click the Pic to be taken to Dyann’s Niteflirt Profile}

Late August & Early September/2019

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Early August/2019
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More Niteflirt feedback on the MP3s and live calls mid-July/2019:

The below is from Niteflirt about an erotic MP3 file…

The latest from Niteflirt reviews {The “thumbs up” are for the MP3 Audio Files and the others are for live calls”}

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This enthusiastic man is from Niteflirt. He had the following to say about one of the Erotic Audio MP3s… July/2019

Stephen K. wrote this via email (June/2019) in regard to an erotic audio:

“Hi Dyann,

     I listened to that last night…..pretty epic, mind bending! Thanks so much, I loved it.”

Chris B. said this via email June/2019:

“I wanted to tell you how grateful I am to you. Your counsel and listening with your heart as well as your perception of my life goes way beyond just listening.  Some of the things you said to me just opened me up to what I can still do with my life. You have given me a real sense of hope that I can feel.  My heart feels lighter for the first time in a very very long time.  Be well – and enjoy the song too!”

Joe had this to say via

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John K. had a session May 23rd/2019 and texted this…



Bob B. (bodywork client sent this review via email):

When I 1st contacted Dyann I was reluctant to go to her because she doesn’t offer the services I was looking for, but I was intrigued by her so I went. I have to tell you Dyann gives without a doubt one of the best most professional massages I have ever had. Her knowledge and intuitive knowledge of the body and what her client need is above reproach. I didn’t walk away in pain like I have with others it was relaxing and stimulating. I highly recommend Dyann you will not regret it she is worth every nickel.

Jay V. texted this:


From Ray C. (had a phone session and emailed this review):

“I was wary at first, but when I reached out to Dyann she set my mind and heart at ease in such a way that the level of trust by my actual first session I felt 100% amazingly calm and excited! Between the situations in my love life, her innate intuition to understand my unique situations…to her truly gorgeous feminine charm…plus her attention to detail to help on so many levels, Dyann truly shared her heart and gift in an all-encompassing way! I would highly recommend giving Dyann your undivided attention and trust, she truly cares and enjoys what she does! And you will too!”


Barry D. texted this on New Years last year:


Joe A., a long time client recently texted this:



Steve P. a repeat client texted this last month:



Martin J., first time client texted this:



John M., was very happy. He texted this:




Niteflirt reviews


Thank you for your interest in The Body House. I hope these reviews convince you to contact Dyann or at least check out more of her content. Dyann would love to speak with you. 🙂

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