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That’s right… I want you to submit –> your writing to me. 🙂


This is a call for serious SUBMISSIONS only!

Which means it has nothing to do with worshipping a Mistress or paying to perform menial tasks.

NO! I want your sensual stories (real or imagined) and relationships tips!


Who This Offer Is Right For


  • If you’re a writer and want help getting your work seen  

  • If you’re from a content marketing or SEO company and want to get a backlink for your client  from a well traveled site with an aged domain

  • If you represent a company with sensual products or services (not pornographic) and want exposure

  • If you are an erotic provider who wants a good backlink and if you’re willing to be interviewed too you’ll have more exposure


Why Am I Doing This Now?


I’ve maintained The Body House since 2015. Much has changed on the internet since then.

The search engines are forcing sites to become more and more narrowly focused in their content… and The Body House has always been about sensuality.

Specifically female sensuality that men can’t get enough of.

I want and need your help to grow this channel of sensuality….


Herein lays the ‘sweet spot’ of The Body House… the sensual content. It’s middle-of-the-road erotic.

Not pornographic. Never puritanical and certainly not common.


What I DON’T Want & What I DO Want From YOU!


The internet is filled with decent writers who apply standard techniques to create acceptable content.



What I want from YOU as a writer is your own unique point of view.

Your genuine perspective on something related to the sensual and heterosexual. True stories or fictional.

You don’t need to be an experienced writer or even a perfect one.

There’s enough forgettable content on the web. I need you to bring your uniqueness.

I want to bring back some of the weird and wonderful that used to bubble up to the surface of search engines (remember the early 2000s?) and I need your help to do it. 


I’ve seen ‘perfect’ writing that was utterly forgettable.



I’ve read stories that were a little too wordy and filled with spelling errors that made me FEEL something, SEE the characters and CARE about what came next.

Sometimes imperfect writing can linger like a beautiful woman’s perfume.

Now… if you can write perfectly AND make your words hang like Chanel #5 then I’ll probably want to narrate it, share it on social media multiple times and email it to all my friends too.

But that’s not the ultimate goal.


The aim here is to bring enticing, sensual, heterosexual content, focused on the male reader, back in a bigger way.

Consider it “Literotica Light.”


submit your writing, sensual stories, submissions for writers

What I’m REALLY Looking For…


Flash & Short FICTIONAL and (Mostly) ORIGINAL Sensual Stories –

  • Anywhere from about 300 words to 3000.
  • The Lead Characters MUST be heterosexual characters (unless they’re lesbians that a male audience would appreciate)
  • MUST be consensual encounters between the characters.
  • MUST be geared to a male audience.
  • NO gay explorations of straight men please
  • MILD BDSM content is okay


  • MASSAGE stories – ANYTHING related to Tantra or Sensual massage is a definite Yes!


Flash or Short REAL and (Mostly) ORIGINAL Sensual Stories

  • Anywhere from about 300 words to 3000.
  • If you are a male client or female sensual provider and want to submit stories about your experiences with paid erotic encounters… Please Submit.
  • If you’re a heterosexual man or woman with a REAL and interesting sensual encounter that helped you learn something new about the opposite sex Please Submit.
  • Do you have a good dating or relating tip or piece of advice you’d like to share with my mostly male audience? Please Submit.


  • I will favor UN-published work as re-published pieces get dinged in the search engines. However, I won’t say no outright to previously posted work. So, we’ll see. 🙂


Articles & Posts On Sensual Topics 

I’ll also accept submissions of original or even previously posted articles. Please have a minimum word count of 300 to 500. Although longer tends to be better.

I don’t charge for this content and do not require a back link. I don’t need exclusive content. However, I will be the final editor of the piece. I will send a link to the final published piece with your requested link in it. 

*Please note I won’t link to porn sites or sex toy sites.* If you’re unsure send me an email with the  link you’d like posted and I’ll take a look.

I can include a a short biography with your logo if you like. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that your post/article/story with be published.


What You Get In Return


  • A backlink from an aged domain and a site that gets close to 9000 hits a month.
  • There’s is No Need to link back to The Body House. (NO link exchange – bad for SEO)
  • I only ask that you promote your own story from the url posted on this site.
  • Ongoing editorial support. I’m invested in helping you become the best writer possible. I can offer you short suggestions for free. There is the option of in depth and ongoing editorial development.
  • Discover More About Dyann’s Developmental Editing Reports HERE….
  • I promote your work at no cost and I’m incentivize to keep your work up forever.


Check out a few examples of what I’m looking for…

‘Elevator Man’ by NellsKitchen

‘Protective Covering’ by EdRider73

Kamala’s Mata & Baba by Dyann Bridges

‘Genevieve: Driving To Freedom’ by Dyann Bridges


To Start The Process…

Send Dyann a Link to your work or copy and paste it in the body of an email – PLEASE NO ATTACHMENTS

You can send a link for Google Docs or other cloud storage too.

Title of Email – Submissions 

Send to – Dyann at


Thank you for your writing efforts and being willing to share your unique point of view through The Body House

Thank you for your interest in The Body House..

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