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What I Learned When I Worked As A Sensual Massage Therapist

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I’ve been a certified massage therapist (CMT) for 20 years. During that time, I’ve worked as a legit massage therapist in clinics and spas across the country. I’ve also built a private list of clients (off and on)  over the years.

When I decided I wanted to make a living online, I knew I’d need a flexible schedule.

So, I decided to build up my private massage business once again. This time I took a different road… because the market demanded it. I turned to sensual massage… the thing I had been avoiding my entire massage career.

Bring Her Back From the Icy Sensual Abyss

Bring her back from the sensual abyss

Bring Her Back From the Icy Sensual Abyss Do you have a wife or long time live in girlfriend who seems to have lost that lovin’ feeling toward you? In other words, she either doesn’t want sex with you or does so with little enthusiasm. As a man, you need women. You especially want physical…
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The Art of Negotiating With a Bodyrub Provider

The Art of Negotiating With a Bodyrub Provider Many men feel it’s acceptable to begin negotiating with a bodyrub provider right from the word “Go.” Many women who do this work have come to expect it. If it’s your first time booking with me however, I consider it bad form. For those of you who like negotiating…
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So… You Think You Know Women? Think Again…

I said to him, “No, you don’t know women.” I was describing the main topic of my blog to a man, just the other day, when I felt compelled to point this out. Men don’t know women. Granted this man was the kind of man who enjoys the company of women and is never long…
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