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Gender Polarity and Hot Sex: What You Need to Know

Gender Polarity and Hot Sex: What You Need to Know Out of the corner of your eye you catch a woman swinging her hair back over her shoulder. You turn to look. You can’t help yourself.   Men are made to look at attractive women you tell yourself. You begin to imagine her running her…
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Does Size Matter? – A Comprehensive Study

Alex Allman Does Size Matters

Want to Know – Does Size Matter? Well here it is gentlemen… the answer to that age old question… Does size matter? The video host is also the conductor of the study, Alex Allman. He is the creator of “Revolutionary Sex” a lifestyle guide for men on making love to women. To find out more…
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A Few Sexy Tips to Get Her & Keep Her Revved Up!

  I had to share this link to a Men’s Health article. For those of you interested in being better men these sexy tips and suggestions will help. Women will appreciate the attempts you make. If your lady doesn’t appreciate your efforts… tell her so. Tell her you’d like some acknowledgement. You’re trying. If she…
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Trending Now: Women Propose to Men

women propose to men, save your marriage, relationship help for men

  In the mornings, (back in 2014) I used to listen to a popular local New York radio station. One day, the panel of two women and two men began talking about a trend in America whereby women are asking their men to marry them. I thought… WTH? Really? That’s stupid. Of course, I’ve never…
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