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Interview With Pheonixx – New Orleans Paramour

interview sex workers, sex trafficking, paramour, men understanding women

  Interview With Pheonixx – New Orleans Paramour In this interview Dyann speaks with a polite and bubbly young lady from the south who happens to be a New Orleans paramour. Phoenixx is just 22 years old. She’s been in the erotic industry for barely one year. Before getting into the business she worked for a…
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In Love With Sociopaths: Yes It’s True, Men Love Them Too – A Multi Part Series

love sociopaths men and women fbsm

I see a lot of articles referencing sociopaths, relationships and love popping up around the web. I’ve even written a few.

I thought I would address it again here. I’ve found an article that suggests 1 in 25 people, either men or women are considered sociopathic.

I had no idea sociopathy was quite as prevalent as it is. Yikes.

So, basically we’ve all known at least one or two.

Some of us have had relationships with them. Some have family members who fit the bill, and some of us work with them.

In this article, I will refer to the 13 RULES to FOLLOW if you’re in a relationship with a sociopath.

I will paraphrase what their article said.

Bring Her Back From the Icy Sensual Abyss

Bring her back from the sensual abyss

Bring Her Back From the Icy Sensual Abyss   Do you have a wife or long time live in girlfriend who seems to have lost that lovin’ feeling toward you? In other words, she either doesn’t want sex with you or does so with little enthusiasm. As a man, you need women. You especially want…
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It’s Not About The Nail (VIDEO)

A nail in wooden board

It’s Not About The Nail… I came across this video. It’s supposed to be funny and poignant, but I don’t think it’s quite right. The premise of the video is how women talk to men about problems. However, it’s clear it’s definitely made from a guy’s point of view.   Tell me what you think……
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Does Entitlement + Self Pity = Ego Identity Which Leads to Violence?

Could Entitlement + Self Pity = Ego Identity Which Leads to Violence?   The Body House is a blog dedicated to helping men relate better to women, as well as, information on Dyann’s sensual massage sessions. However, it’s hard to stay silent about the shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana. The incidents highlight some male characteristics…
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Quick Tips – Giving Her Orgasms

orgasm tips for better relationships

Quick Tips – Giving Her Orgasms Here are a couple of videos which give you good tips and analysis on how a woman perceives and receives sensuality.   Every woman is different at different times. So, it’s important to pay attention to her and address whatever is happening in the moment. Here are seven places…
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Gender Polarity and Hot Sex: What You Need to Know

Gender Polarity and Hot Sex: What You Need to Know Out of the corner of your eye you catch a woman swinging her hair back over her shoulder. You turn to look. You can’t help yourself.   Men are made to look at attractive women you tell yourself. You begin to imagine her running her…
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Does Size Matter? – A Comprehensive Study

Alex Allman Does Size Matters

Want to Know – Does Size Matter? Well here it is gentlemen… the answer to that age old question… Does size matter? The video host is also the conductor of the study, Alex Allman. He is the creator of “Revolutionary Sex” a lifestyle guide for men on making love to women. To find out more…
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