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Attraction, Blocked Calls & a Burner Cell… A Cautionary Tale

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Attraction, Blocked Calls & a Burner Cell     Gentlemen, it’s time you guys started taking responsibility for your own desires. It’s not so much about blame as it is about self-awareness and understanding what and how attraction works with women. Men just don’t seem to examine their own behavior as readily as women do.  Again… no…
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The Health of Your Nervous System Is Critical For Great Relationships

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  Everything is more difficult when we’re stressed. We know this…   Relationships though, are particularly vulnerable to stress. Especially when it lasts for months or longer. Stress erodes a deep sense of relaxation and safety in our world. When that happens we have to fight harder to find balance in our personal relationships. And…
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Why Men Stay – Could It Be The Guilt Factor? {VIDEO}

guiltfactor relationships

  The Guilt Factor In Relationships – Why Men Stay. Manipulation Or Respect? Dyann offers some insight on why guilt in relationships makes a man stay.   In case the above video does not play… click the link below…     More sensual goodies… How To Do The Soulmate Embrace {FREE…
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Men, Women, Relationships & Human Experience: The Great Equalizer

Human Experience

Men, Women & Human Experience: The Great Equalizer Hello Gentlemen; Some of you know my philosophy about men and women. Here is an example… The Body House. My Philosophy In a Nutshell: Men and women must honor each other as a man or a woman FIRST, before the individual aspects of the relationship can be addressed and ultimately…
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In Love With Sociopaths: Yes It’s True, Men Love Them Too – A Multi Part Series

love sociopaths men and women fbsm

I see a lot of articles referencing sociopaths, relationships and love popping up around the web. I’ve even written a few.

I thought I would address it again here. I’ve found an article that suggests 1 in 25 people, either men or women are considered sociopathic.

I had no idea sociopathy was quite as prevalent as it is. Yikes.

So, basically we’ve all known at least one or two.

Some of us have had relationships with them. Some have family members who fit the bill, and some of us work with them.

In this article, I will refer to the 13 RULES to FOLLOW if you’re in a relationship with a sociopath.

I will paraphrase what their article said.

It’s Not About The Nail (VIDEO)

A nail in wooden board

It’s Not About The Nail… I came across this video. It’s supposed to be funny and poignant, but I don’t think it’s quite right. The premise of the video is how women talk to men about problems. However, it’s clear it’s definitely made from a guy’s point of view.   Tell me what you think……
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Does Entitlement + Self Pity = Ego Identity Which Leads to Violence?

Could Entitlement + Self Pity = Ego Identity Which Leads to Violence?   The Body House is a blog dedicated to helping men relate better to women, as well as, information on Dyann’s sensual massage sessions. However, it’s hard to stay silent about the shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana. The incidents highlight some male characteristics…
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Picking Up the Slack – Men Calling Out Other Men

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  Picking Up The Slack – Men Calling Out Men I feel for you guys. I do. This may still be a man’s world, but it’s tough to be a guy. This world tends to favor men, especially white men (let’s be honest) and opens doors for you guys just because you’re you. However, maybe it’s…
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