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Men aren’t going to talk to their buddies about their relationship troubles.

They won’t expose themselves by asking for help when they’re struggling financially either.

And men don’t like discussing their physical pains keeping them from athletic excellence.


Dyann excels at helping men in these 3 major areas of Life —>
Relationships, Finances & Health.

Discover What Dyann Thinks is “THE BIGGEST MISTAKE Men Make With Women…”


Men want some truly objective and non-judgmental guidance from a woman who cares.


You’re a man ( 18+) who needs a wise, nurturing,

mature woman to help navigate Your Life.


  You need a mature woman who:

  1. Will Listen attentively
  2. Will Hear your plight without judgement or condemnation
  3. You can Trust and who will become a Confidante  
  4. Can Provide Wise objective guidance and suggestions
  5. Will Patiently help organize your thoughts and get your mind clear 
  6. Will Help strategize and create an action plan to reach your goals
  7. Will Allow You to Be 100% Yourself 


The TOP 3 Things Anyone Wants Coaching On are Relationships, Career/Money and Health.

**My coaching techniques are designed to tackle any quantifiable problem in your life.**


  • Your Relationships 

  • Are you frustrated trying to find a girl friend?
  • Do women seem bossy and hard to get to know?
  • Does your wife still perplex and frustrate you after years of being together?
  • I can explain what’s going on in the minds of women and what they want from you.
  • I can help you find and attract a lovely lady who is genuine and fun
  • I can help you connect more deeply with your wife
  • Discover what I think are the biggest mistakes men make with woman  HERE…


  • Your Business or Career 

  • Are you in a work rut?
  • Do you want to change jobs/careers, but have no idea where to start?
  • Do you have a business that seems to be going nowhere?
  • Do you have difficult employees and need some ideas on how to deal with them? 
  • I’ve worked in a wide variety of situations for 100+ different businesses.
  • The best way to make money is identifying what you’re good at, what you love/want to do AND what the market/customers are actually willing to pay for.


  • Your Health 

  • Are you feeling lethargic, fuzzy-headed, easily distracted, sexually uninterested, emotionally numb, depressed, agitated, angry and/or just plain exhausted? 
  • With decades of experience as a holistic practitioner I can offer tips & an action plan to better health and fitness
  • Become more physically, sexually and energetically robust with simple bio-mechanical techniques and inexpensive natural products 


PRICES For Phone Sessions

START AT… 30 Minutes – $50

(Gets you focused, relaxed and clear in your intention for an immediate goal)

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**All phone sessions include ongoing follow up by email **

**Basically, I will take you under my wing until you want to fly away.**


A La Cart – Concierge Service

  life coach, erotic audio, audio porn, mature female voiceover, custom audio, sexy MP3 You’re an executive who wants to talk about the rewards & difficulties of your position with an understanding woman.

You’re a highly successful man with many responsibilities, wanting to unburden himself…

looking to share those thoughts in the deep recesses of his mind with someone… but not just anyone.  

You’d like to be able to just relax and know your privacy is assured, along with your ego and sense of self.

You’d also like to know you’ll be treated with care and compassion by a woman who’s able to think strategically and offer intelligent observations in a fun and not-so-business-like way.

You want to know someone is going to be there for YOU. A support person who’s there when you need them.

**This is Dyann’s sweet spot**


  • I’ve dealt with many successful entrepreneurs, executives and business men. I know you need a reliable. mature, female confidante.
  • You may want a wise woman to help with budgeting your personal finances or suggest alternative investments.
  • I can help with a spending plan and improving your credit score (mine is 750), as well as, suggest unique investments including crypto-coins.
  • I’ve had a lot of experiences with the deeper and darker sides of the male psyche. I get it and I can deal with it.
  • Sometimes it’s good to know there is someone there to talk to who isn’t a relative, a spouse or a man.
  • So talk to me, big guy and get it off your chest!

***An Exclusive Monthly Plan can be set up just for you on your schedule 

Starting at $400/month*** 

30 Minute Phone Session With Dyann – $50

Not sure yet? See below…

**Book A 15 minute Life Coaching PHONE Session With Dyann For FREE to see what she can do for you…**

  • Please contact me by email first and we can start the intake process.

  • My main email is – General inquiries only as Google is watching.

  • Super Stealth communications – – Very private encrypted email service.


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Discover why Dyann thinks – The Genders Are Equal But NOT The Same.


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The 4 Coaching Questions That MUST Be Answered….

  • What do you want specifically?
  • On a scale of 1-10 how critical is it that those desires/goals get accomplished?
  • On a scale of 1-10 how certain are you that I or a coaching experience in general will help you accomplish these desires/goals?
  • Have you looked at your schedule and your budget to determine this is something you’re able to do in the next week?

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