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sensual life coaching and domination

Thank you for wanting to learn more about my Sensual Life Coaching.

Sensual = “of the body”

sensual life coaching and domination

Our bodies are the conduit between spirit and matter.

The better management we have of our physical bodies and its inner environment (thoughts, emotions & energy) the better off our lives are.

The 5 parts of living sensually are:

  1. Stimulating the senses with beauty, taste & quality
  2. Knowing how to focus the mind
  3. Managing our emotions and energy levels
  4. Moving the physical body & using our sensuality
  5. Communing with the Divine Universal Power

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Contacting Dyann…

When you contact me we’ll start by focusing on the totality of who and where you’re at in your life.

I will ask questions to understand what your current and underlying issues are.

**To begin your coaching journey with Dyann please email at one of the following addresses: OR ***

Once we’ve established what your issue is and you want to move forward, Dyann will direct you to an Intro Sessions Payment Page…

It’s just $25 for the initial call. {15-20 minutes in length}

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Asking you questions and having you answer as completely and honestly as possible, will help me formulate specific ways you can approach the problem (usually) in a multi-pronged way.

Men are creatures of action. Men need goals and they like to see a result. So most of the suggestions I make will be immediately actionable.

Ultimately, my intention is to get you on a path that leads to a more genuine, satisfying and sensual life filled with creativity, dignity and joy.

***And ladies, if you feel that what you’ve read and seen here resonates with you and that I may be of assistance, I’m happy to help.***



Get The Relaters Manual: A Guide For Men by Dyann Bridges

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Let’s be honest…. many times, even women don’t know what they want from men or how to articulate it.

Dyann gives you the basics in understanding how women think AND what they REALLY need from men.

If you’re tired of getting the same old dating and relationship advice or PUA techniques then you’ll find the advice in The Relaters Manual to be reassuring, practical, as well as, eye opening.

The bonus comes at the end with Dyann’s philosophy of what she calls the “Primal Polarities”.

For the price of a latte you can improve your understanding and communication with women immediately. Get The Relaters Manual today!

Celebrating Gender Differences

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Just so we’re very clear, I have a bias against the normalization of the sexes and what is being called ‘gender neutrality’ or ‘gender vertical’.

I not only celebrate the gender polarities, but I know the sexes live ‘happily ever after’ when their viewpoints are emphasized and honored.

My intention is to help men feel stronger as men. I hope this natural understanding between men and women will soon return and flourish.

CEO Confidential

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Gentlemen…. let me speak to you one on one because…

This is my sweet spot…

If you’re a CEO, high level manager or business owner in any field —> I can be the secret advisor you should have in your back pocket.

My combination of varied life experience, spiritual development and two decades of bodywork has made me uniquely qualified to consult on your business and/or personal life.


Because what I’m able to do —–>  is to drill down into a problem in ways not seen, heard or thought of before. 

I can give you a new perspective on any issue you’re facing in your profession or personal life. 

I don’t need to know all the ins and outs of your industry or business. I need to understand what your values and objectives are.

From that point, I find the core of the problem and help determine if the solution is based in the physical environment, in a thought process, the energetic realm OR a combination of these.

shop, sensual life coaching, erotic audio, audio porn, mature female voiceover, custom audio, sexy MP3**Special Rates Apply For The Exclusive (And Limited) CEO Confidante Service**


Are you a man with a lot of responsibility on your shoulders?

Do you feel the pressure of making decisions that could cost millions of dollars or even lives?

Do you have an event – personal or professional – that you want to ‘confess’ but have nowhere to turn?

Then You May Need A CEO Confidante or secret life coach.

Dyann could be right for you if you are looking for;

  • Someone who can help you drill down into a problem to its core and discover new solutions…

  • Suggestions on how you can stay relevant in a rapidly changing world…

  • Advice on relating more deeply with your wife or girlfriend and understanding women better overall…

  • To discuss a secret desire without receiving judgement…

  • A fresh, objective perspective on almost anything either personal or professional…

  • A guarantee that what you say will stay PRIVATE…

Dyann could be that wise, intuitive confidante you’ve been looking for.

How To Contact Dyann & Start Your Coaching Journey Together…

To contact Dyann to begin your coaching journey with her please email her at one of the following addresses: OR

Once you establish an email connection with Dyann and feel she may be able to help you’ll be directed to an Intro Sessions Payment Page…

It’s just $25 for the initial call.

Dyann will demonstrate in 15-20 minutes whether or not she can be of value.

Tell her ANY problem.  

Want to know more about what Dyann has to offer? Try these…..

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