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Dear Wonderful Man;


If you’ve landed here, you may be looking for a series of confidential phone sessions to help you through a frustrating or difficult time and have nowhere else to turn.

The Body House welcomes all men.


If you’re a younger man under 40, you may be having difficulty finding a woman who you respect and who respects you or perhaps you’re struggling with certain types of fetishes or addictions. This is common.


If you’re between 40 and 50 you may have hit a snag in your marriage or long-term relationship.

You’re not feeling the passion much anymore, the quality of your sex life has dwindled and the closeness and fun you once had has faded.


You may be over 50 and want to restart your love life and career even if you don’t necessarily want to find a different woman or line of work.

Wherever you are on your journey as a man,  as  your personal, private confidante & coach….


I can help you move through whatever difficulties you’re facing right now in months… NOT YEARS.

What I do is not traditional therapy, but it can feel like that a little.

It also feels like you are talking to a friend and confidante because that’s exactly how I show up.

A friend and confidante who happens to have skills in helping you figure out your life and find solutions.

I’m also trained in energetic healing so we can address any psychological wounds (and sometimes physical wounds) too.

By the end of a phone session with me my clients often feel a sense of relief while having a direction to go in to solve their issues.



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Being your private confidante has NOTHING to do with deceiving anyone.


This is about YOU getting at those nagging ruminations rolling around in the back of your mind.

You want answers. You want to ask questions.

You’d like some feedback and a different point of view, but don’t know where to turn.

These thoughts are certainly NOT to share with your buddies or family members.


That’s where I come in.

In my phone sessions, speaking with hundreds of men, I’ve pretty much heard it all.

So, I don’t judge.

I offer (some) advice (sometimes).


What I mostly do during sessions is…

Ask You Questions.


How is that helpful?

Well, it helps you figure out what’s going on in your own mind.

I mean… after all, YOU ARE the expert of your own life.


I like to use a form of Socratic questioning which is at the core of critical thinking

to help you decipher your life and its challenges —>


“Socrates lived between the years 470 – 399 BC. He is often thought of as the grandfather of Western philosophy and the first true moral philosopher. Socrates wasn’t overly interested in many of the theoretical studies that captivated the minds of other philosophers of his time, his interests lay primarily in answering one simple question: “How can we live a better life.”


In a nutshell, the questioning process goes something like this…

Here it is:

  1. Identify what you – the client – are thinking about your issue/s
    1. Why do you say things like that?

    2. Can you explain in more detail what you mean?

    3. What is your reaction to those thoughts?

  2. Then we Challenge that thought
    1. Would you say this is always true?

    2. Under what types of circumstances could this not be true?

    3. What assumptions are you making?

    4. Do you believe you can react to the thought in a different way?sensual living, coach for men, private confidante, phones sessions

  3. Examine the facts behind your Belief
    1. Is the source reliable?

    2. Is there any evidence to contradict it?

    3. How do you know it to be true?

  4. Look at it from a Different Angle
    1. Is it possible for someone to see this in a different way?

    2. What would be the counter argument?

  5. Explore the Implications and Consequences
    1. But if ____ happened? What would be the result then?

    2. How does _____ affect ____ ?

  6. Then we’ll Question the Question
    1. Why do you think that I asked that question?

    2. Why do you think that question was important?”

    3. Which of your questions turned out to be the most useful?


We can then reflect on the questioning:

  1. Did our perspective change? If so, which question helped us view it differently?

  2. Did I learn anything about my thought process or biases?


These questions will go a loooong way to get you thinking in different directions that lead you back to yourself.


It seems to me there are too many things pulling us in too many directions.


Technology has gone beyond enhancing our lives and is now interfering.

We must consciously put a stop to it… all of it.


These distractions and outright manipulations (among other things) are stealing our creativity, our critical thought process and independence of mind.

This is Not an exaggeration either.


I’m here to gently interrupt those spinning thoughts, challenge those belief systems that you’ve forgotten why or how you developed and give you a guide post for how to move forward in a way that keeps you calm and strong instead of wound up and uncertain.  

As your private confidante, my job is to bring you back to who you really are.

In my sessions, I help bring you back to yourself.


sensual living, private confidante, heard it all, sensual audio, relationship help for men



I’ve worked with men younger and older. I can help all of you in many ways.

However, because I’m (well) over 50 now, I’m uniquely qualified to help you gentlemen over 50.

I understand the stages of life as I’ve gone through them myself.

Habits, harsh experiences and karma can add up to a whole lot of energy drainage.


My sessions are tailer made these types of circumstances.


Did you know our subconscious mind is a whopping 90% to 95% of our total consciousness?

It’s our subconscious mind that filters much of our predominant thoughts –> positive and negative.

It’s our subconscious mind that captures those many thoughts and creates a belief system out of them.

Once predominant thoughts become a belief, its much more difficult to change. 


It’s like digging a hole for Sense of Self. The stronger the belief, the deeper hole you’ve dug for yourself.

Now sometimes there are good things buried deep beneath the surface… like treasure!

It’s also my job to point out the treasures you have inside you and in your life. It’s easy to forget sometimes.


Another critical area I can help you gentlemen over 50 with is in your long term relationships with women.

If you still love her and want to stay together then know that you BOTH deserve to have the passion and deep conversations back in your relationship like you once had.

It’s not always easy, but she may not feel very sexy these days because of a variety of things.

sensual relationship tips, erotic stories, confidential phone sessions


Do any of these things sound familiar?

  • She’s tired from her work – not just today, but after many years she’s just feeling drained by it
  • Perhaps her fitness level is not what it once was and she’s not physically as fit as she once was
  • Maybe she’s not feeling good about her body at this stage in her life
  • Sometimes people over 50 decide their life has been a series of Huge mistakes and start to get depressed


Although, and this is big, one of the main reasons why she doesn’t want the passion and intimate connection with you is because she doesn’t feel cherished by you.

Ouch. I know that stings. It’s not all your fault though and it’s fixable.

I can do that… I can help you see HOW you can fix it.




It’s the small daily interactions that add up…

I can help you identify how these small moments of complete attention can help change your relationship for the better. 

It’ll change other things in your life for the better too. 

Soon, she’ll be looking at you in that waythat way that makes you feel 10 feet tall… that way that makes you feel like a MAN.


Please contact Dyann about your desire for a personal, private confidante and coach. or

Book A Call Immediately by Clicking This LINK….


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I look forward to speaking with you.

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