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I miss the feeling I used to get watching a movie… where a strong, handsome man and beautiful, serene woman look into each other’s eyes and conjure sparks for the world to see.  


They called it… chemistry.



After nearly 60 years on this planet, I can see that in less than one generation, we’ve decimated the strength and virility of men and corrupted the gentle, nurturing spirits of women.


However, I believe there is always a way back to balance and contentment.relationship tips, sensual blog for men, relationship tips, life coaching for men, female coach for men

But we much CHOOSE it. 

Men must want to own their strength and wield it responsibly.

Women must want to tend to their inherent mysteries and stay gracefully contained. 


I have a keen interest in male/female dynamics and a deep appreciation for vintage entertainment.

So, I’ve doused The Body House – Sensual Blog for MEN – with beautiful photos of Old Hollywood movie stars and retro pin ups.


For the more erotically inclined, The Body House offers some vintage erotica for free, but explicit film requires membership to access. **Membership coming SOON!**  

It’s my intention to be one of the few on the internet to preserve this type of iconic media for the future.


In the meantime please check out the following areas in The House…

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