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tantra, tantric yoga, tantric sex, centering meditations, erotic audio, audio porn, mature female voiceover, custom audio, sexy MP3This category has videos and information on the fascinating practices of Tantra and FBSM, as well as, meditation. Listen to the experts tell you more about these ancient arts of healing and living.

What Is Tantra Energy And Why Is It Important To Understand?

Steps to Mastering Tantra Energy

Steps to Mastering Tantra Energy Tantra: The Science and Study of Energy Tantric masters understood a fundamental and universal truth – everything in this reality is made up of energy. What is Tantra Energy? Energy is a universal force which is infused in and around us on the quantum level. Energy is infinite in its…
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5 (Surprising) Benefits of Tantric Massage Therapy

tantra massage therapy, coaching for men

There  whic 5 Benefits of Tantric Massage Therapy   Tantra Massage Therapy is a recognized tantric therapy. It’s now gaining considerable attention and acceptance as an effective and legit healing modality.   Here are FIVE benefits of Tantra Massage you may find surprising:   Benefit 1: Tantra Massage for ENERGETIC Healing   The health benefits of…
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What is Tantra Massage Therapy? Divine Touch OR Just Sexual?

tantra fundamentals, what is tantra, tantra sex, spiritual sex, fbsm

What is Tantra Massage Therapy? Tantra Massage Therapy is an energetically based form of bodywork that begins with a hands-on approach and physical touch. So basically, it’s much like Reiki. Reiki is more concerned with the physical effects of the energy healing, whereas Tantra Massage Therapy is concerned with your over all healing.   What this…
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What Is The ‘YAB YUM’ Or ‘LOTUS’ Sex Position in Tantra? {VIDEO}

yab yum, lotus sex position, tantra massage, tantra sex, tantra, tantra position

The tantric sex position known as ‘yab-yum’, is based on creating greater emotional intimacy with you and your partner while making love.
In a nutshell, the Yab Yum position can be summed up like this – The man sits cross legged. The woman sits in his lap while straddling him and looking deep into his eyes.

Tantra Fundamentals: Quick Tips for Newcomers

tantra fundamentals, what is tantra, tantra sex, spiritual sex, fbsm, sensual massage, tantra massage therapy

    When most newcomers are asked what Tantra is, they say something about sex such as: it’s a spiritual approach to sex it’s about sacred sexuality it’s a teaching about sex for better relationships it’s a kind of kinky sex or some erotic type of massage etc. The truth is: The Tantra Fundamentals are…
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Get Back Into Your Body Now – Sensual Centering Meditations {TWO VIDEOS}

sensual living meditations

    Watch a few minutes of these Sensual and Centering Meditations Improvised and Narrated by Dyann Bridges   Get Centered and Back in Your Body Now With These Sensual Centering Meditations!   If the video doesn’t play… click these links:         —————————————————————————————————— Thank you for your interest in The Body…
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