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Dyann Bridges's profileBodywork Sessions With Dyann

A Mature 50+ CMT (Certified Massage Therapist) With 20 Years Experience

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Please CALL to set up the appointment.

**347-602-3136**  Thank you!

I also use TELEGRAM <– Forget Whatsapp Telegram is Very Private – 1st Time clients MUST CALL For Appt.

FIRST  TIME Clients $200/hr

RETURNING Clients = $140/hr

How To Book A Session

First Time Clients:

Call Dyann at 347-602-3136

  • We’ll discuss what you’re looking for in the sessions, your expectations and answer some light screening questions.
  • **I will ask where you found the ad and if you have read through the info on this page.**
  • There may be a small deposit required. It depends on how you answer the questions as referenced above.
  • A small deposit can be made here… Click this link –>The Body House SHOP 
  • 1-2 Hours (or more) Notice.

NEW FOR 2020

NEW SERVICE – Distance/Energy Healing

This service is for the Really Tough Stuff in your life.

This is a truly unique and as of yet, little known, healing protocol.

 $100 for the initial session.

YES, this distance energy technique… known as The Healing Protocol can work wonders in your life in a way that talk therapy, pharmaceuticals and most other therapies hardly make a dent in.

The Healing Protocol tackles such issues as Porn and Alcohol addiction. Anger management. Deep negative self image and low self worth issues. Past sexual and/or physical abuse.

Call Dyann to discuss the technique and ask questions. It’s FREE and there is NO obligation to book.

This price includes ongoing check up texts and phone calls are Included for up to 6 months.

This service can be paid for through Niteflirt or through The Body House Shop…

Sensual & Therapeutic Bodywork

  • My style of massage is mostly therapeutic with a hands only ending (optional).
  • I enjoy chatting and tend to be friendly and business-like.
  • I can address physical pain and injuries during the massage.
  • I can also offer unique perspectives on relationships and relating to women in general.

Tie & Tease Massage

This session is very much like it sounds!

  • There is a lot of massaging during the session, but you will be bound at the wrists and ankles. 
  • You will also experience other types of sensations across your skin such as feathers, light scratching, gentle spanking, tickling etc. *This will be discussed*

This is very light, playful B&D {Bondage & Domination} Dyann is Always dominant.

**ALL Sessions are HANDS ONLY**


AVAILABLE 7 DAYS From approximately 8am to 8pm

ALWAYS With at Least 1-2 Hours Notice (The more notice the better)

What is FBSM? Full Body Sensual Massage…



Close to Exit 8 OFF the Hutch

Blocks from the Mt. Vernon Target store which is at 500 East Sanford Blvd.

Dyann will NOT give out the exact address.

She WILL send easy-to-follow directions via TEXT.



Please Contact Dyann at: 347-602-3136 for appointment

For information email at: or

*This is a Hands Only Service* – For more info on what Dyann does…

Check out Dyann’s REVIEWS…



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