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life coaching for men, sensual services, sexy audio, gender polaritiesBodywork Sessions With Dyann


A Mature 50+ CMT (Certified Massage Therapist) With 20 Years Experience

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**Bodywork sessions are currently UNavailable, but you may want to discover Dyann’s Life Coaching… 

“A different kind of life coaching  for a different kind of life….”



Clients Must Pay Ahead. No Exceptions. 


  • The credit card processor is very secure. I’ve used them off and on for about 4 years.
  • The name is GUMROAD.COM
  • They are extremely private too.
  • I see nothing but an email address after you pay. Not even a first name.
  • You will have the word “gumroad” on your bank statement. This is a trusted merchant.
  • They have been online for 10 years and specialize in serving independent entrepreneurs like myself.
  • Visit the internet archive to see for yourself...*/

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<—-What YOU SEE on your bank statement


What I SEE in my Gumroad account… – Not even a first name.

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**This is a Hands Only Service**


Steps To Booking A Bodywork/Healing Session

Step #1Know WHEN you would like the appointment and be SURE you can make it.


Step #2NEW Clients – Please CALL  – I’ll ask some light screening questions. (Returning clients can text)


#3 Step – Please allow at least 90 Minutes Notice 


Step #4AVAILABLE Most DAYS From approximately 8am to 8pm  


**ALL Sessions are HANDS ONLY**


TIPS for First Time Clients: 


 The more professional and “normal” our interaction on the phone the more likely we can book a session.

Think of it like a haircut. You call your barber for an appointment, you ask if they have such and such time available and they say yes and book it or no and give you an alternative. That’s about it. 

I’m cautious with new clients. There are many reasons for this.

Please do not take it personally. 

If you want to call ahead of time to introduce yourself that is fine.

This Should be a MUTUALLY beneficial experience. I care about your well being during the session and afterward. 

I have conservative boundaries and will expect you to respect them and… visa versa.

For First Time Clients I will need the one hour session paid up front.

Please find the secure credit card processor HERE…. <— CLICK


***The BIGGEST CAVEAT – if you sound like you will NOT respect my simple rules and boundaries… it absolutely WON’T  happen. ***

Call Dyann at 347-602-3136


Dyann’s Style of Sensual & Therapeutic Bodywork


  • My style of massage is mostly therapeutic with an optional *HANDS ONLY ending.*
  • I enjoy chatting and tend to be friendly and business-like.
  • I’ll address physical pain and injuries during the massage.
  • I do not get undressed during the sessions. Clients are usually fully undressed.
  • I can also offer unique perspectives on relationships and relating to women in general.


ANOTHER Style of Massage —> Tie & Tease

This session is very much like it sounds!


  • There is a lot of massaging during the session, but you will be bound at the wrists and ankles. 
  • You will also experience other types of sensations across your skin such as feathers, light scratching, gentle spanking, tickling etc. *This will be discussed*
  • HANDS ONLY This is very light, playful B&D {Bondage & Domination} Dyann is Always dominant.


What is FBSM? Full Body Sensual Massage…

Click the link above since youtube won’t let this video appear on websites… because they are insane censors.


Close to Exit 8 OFF the Hutch

Blocks from the Mt. Vernon Target store which is at 500 East Sanford Blvd.

Dyann will NOT give out the exact address.

She WILL send easy-to-follow directions via TEXT.



Please Contact Dyann at: 347-602-3136 for appointment

For information email at:

For super stealth communications email at:

*This is a Hands Only Service*

Check out Dyann’s REVIEWS…



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Warning to clients looking for providers…

***SCAMMERS!—> <—Click to read a scathing investigative report…***

**Beware of —> This site IS monitored by the FBI and keeps information.**

Thank you for your interest in The Body House…

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