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WICKED WOMAN {1953} Starring Beverly Michaels & Richard Egan (VIDEO)

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This movie, WICKED WOMAN, stars Beverly Michaels and Richard Egan.

I have not seen or heard of Beverly Michaels before. I have to say she is stunning and very seductive. Michaels gives a thoroughly steamy performance even if she plays it a bit over the top. However, it’s exactly what her character needs. 

Michaels’ character is a beautiful, but hard scrabble and down-on-her-luck gal. She rents a room for $6 a week and finds a job at the pub down the street. Wicked Woman is a peek inside the life of a 1950s single woman who’s a bit lost in life, unconventional by nature and a pure survivor.

Gentlemen… you’ll like this movie just for the eye candy Beverly Michaels provides… and ladies, Richard Egan isn’t bad either.