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A Little Bit On The Big Book Of KAMA SUTRA

a little bit about the kama sutra

The Kama Sutra is a multi layered, intense and highly detailed text. It comes from from an ancient Hindu textbook, written in Sanskrit, about erotic love called The Kamasutra.  Very little is known about its author, Vatsyayana Mallanga, other than his name.   It’s believe to have been written sometime in the 3rd century AD. We do know…
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Tantra Fundamentals: Quick Tips for Newcomers

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    When most newcomers are asked what Tantra is, they say something about sex such as: it’s a spiritual approach to sex it’s about sacred sexuality it’s a teaching about sex for better relationships it’s a kind of kinky sex or some erotic type of massage etc. The truth is: The Tantra Fundamentals are…
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