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Get More Sexual Fun & Healing From Her By Touching Her Right

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    So maybe you haven’t had as much sexual fun as you’d like in your relationship lately. Maybe it’s been going on for quite some time. Maybe months or even years. These 33 techniques might help put more sexual fun back in your relationship.   The Current Challenging Atmosphere Some men feel pretty confident…
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11 Ways To Use More Chivalry (And Impress The Hell Out Of Her)

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    I always try to give you guys tips on how to relate better to women and become better men in the process. I found this list from John Rasiej at Unfortunately the website looks like it’s been taken offline.   However, the information John posted was excellent. I post this list which…
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Marking Her Territory: A Tale of An Over Zealous Co-worker

marking her territory

I had a client in his late twenties. He’d been coming to see me for about 4 years. Each time he came by for an appointment he would talk about his latest romantic interests. This particular time he mentioned he had started a new job. It was in his field of interest, he enjoyed the…
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How Your Loneliness is Killing You And… Everyone Else

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How Your Loneliness is Killing You And Everyone Else…   I came across this article written by Charlie Hoehn, a man who wrote a book on how to play and how play chases away loneliness. It’s mostly for men, but women can get a lot out of it as well. Everyone experiences loneliness right? It’s called…
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Are You a Good Lover or a Good Partner? – Know the Difference

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Are You a Good Lover or a Good Partner? – Know The Difference Recently, I’ve read articles on how a man can be a good lover to a woman. Most of the information concentrated on the specific sexual things men can do to help women reach orgasms. If that’s the kind of information you’re interested in learning…
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Heat Things Up! Check Out This List of 14 Kissing Tips

kissing tips

Hello Gentlemen: I’ve compiled this ‘Kissing Tips’ list based on research by Dr. Helen Fisher. She is a leading expert on love and attraction. She’s written several books on the subject. It turns out, men and women kiss for different reasons. Basically, women kiss men to discover information about him. Men, unsurprisingly, kiss women to…
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Bring Her Back From the Icy Sensual Abyss

Bring her back from the sensual abyss

Bring Her Back From the Icy Sensual Abyss   Do you have a wife or long time live in girlfriend who seems to have lost that lovin’ feeling toward you? In other words, she either doesn’t want sex with you or does so with little enthusiasm. As a man, you need women. You especially want…
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