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Dyann (CMT) Certified Massage Therapist Interviewed In The News

Dyann interviewed Massage therapist

Dyann CMT Interviewed (in the News)…

It’s through the interest of you, the reader, that this blog has been getting some attention.  

Last year I received an email with the title “I Want to Interview You!”

The young man who sent it is Jeremy Glass. He’s a freelance writer who works with a variety of online companies. Many are dedicated to men.

He also has his own website. Check out CandyandPizza here. 

We did a half hour phone interview and there were follow up questions by email.

I have to say, we had a great conversation on the phone. I was happy to be interviewed. He was patient and listened carefully. I felt unchained in response to his acceptance. In fact, I practically babbled. He genuinely wanted to hear my point of view on men and women relating to each other. I was thrilled.

Originally, Jeremy had approached me for a possible interview.

Unfortunately, they turned it down. I believe they took a closer look at my website and became “dismayed” (my word) at my articles geared toward men.

My style tends to be part informational, part inspirational with a pinch of hand slapping thrown in. Not what the guys at go for.

Young Mr. Glass was persistent. He said he would look for a more “progressive” (his word) website that may be interested in my POV. Glass is my hero.

The interviewed content ended up on the WE ARE MEL site.

It’s mostly about the sensual massage industry. Although, I was hoping the write up would have more on the relating aspect of what I do. Glass however, says there may be other sites interested. He’s still my hero.

In the end, I’ve spent much time and strife figuring out how the sexes relate to each other. I will continue to pass along what I’m learned through this blog and on any other blog that’ll have me.

By the way… if you or someone you know needs an insightful write up or a news blogger at their disposal, let me know… I’d love to offer my view.

Thank you and have a Sensual Day, Dyann.


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