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This first is a SUPER SEXY Musical ASMR compilation. With REAL SOUNDS from a couple making love. The sounds come through clearly and at times subtly underneath the funky retro 60s lounge music. I promise, you won’t make it to the end of this video. It’s Only 11.5 minutes, but if I’d made it any longer it would have been criminal.

This is definitely NSFW. Enjoy in privacy with headphones/earbuds to get the full affect…. just imagine this young lady reacting to YOU like that…              {What is ASMR?}

This video is filled with intense, erotic and multi-layered ASMR triggers. These satisfying sounds pop through the lovely classical music which accompanies them. It’s hot and erotic with whispers in Italian, kissing sounds and moaning in ecstasy.

My aim is to help you toward a satisfying ending and complete stress release.You may not make it to the end of this video. Although you will almost certainly tingle throughout.

This is NSFW. It’s best enjoyed in privacy with headphones/earbuds to get the full affect….

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