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Olga’s Girls (1964) – {VIDEO}

sensual domination, financial domination, femdom, bdsm

This movie from the 1960s (video below) is pretty intense and certainly not that common in 1964. It’s shot similarly like a docu-reality show and gets into the use of heavy drugs and BDSM femdom sexuality. It’s not for the faint of heart even without the high tech camera work available today. Olga is a…
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The Kink Experiment – Report #7 – March 15th To March 26th

Kink Experiment Report #7 – March 15th to March 26th   Find Kink Report #6 HERE…. and Kink Report #8 HERE…   I just haven’t been as regular about opening the phone line. Why? Because I’ve been kind of dreading it. Why? Because of the enormous number of ‘dropped’ calls. ‘Dropped’ is in quotes because…
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