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4 Surprising Benefits Of Tantric Sex – There’s An Emphasis On Connection & Polarity {VIDEO}

benefits of tantric sex


Liisa Maimon from the Somananda Tantra School gives a quick run down of the benefits of Tantric Sex.

She says that sex and spirituality really aren’t that different. I agree, but this has to do with the intention behind the act… not the act itself.


Sex and spirituality appear to be paradoxical concepts, but according to Tantra this is simply not true.

There is an unconscious aspect of human beings that knows there’s something beyond what we’ve been told about our sexual energy.


But what is that something exactly?


Listen to Liisa below, describe these 4 benefits of Tantric sex.  

She talks a fair amount about the man becoming more ‘masculine’ and the woman becoming more ‘feminine’.

It’s the emphasis on the exaggeration of the energies of these polarities that makes the benefits of tantric sex so amazing.

And when she (or I) talk about the polarities of the genders it’s not about aggression or submission.

Think of it more as a commanding energy and a soft type of energy. 

When you think of it… isn’t that what men or women want in the opposing gender?



benefits of tantric sex

Men Like Softness In Women

Men like a woman who is not only confident, but soft in her way. A woman with ‘softness’ is a woman who is the kind of person who’s gentle with human emotions and perspectives.

Men don’t need a lot of verbal sparring or an air of competition from a woman.

There’s nothing wrong with challenging a man if you’re a woman. However, it can be corrosive if she has that attitude most of the time.  

Since men are in competition mode so often in their world they are looking for a soft place to fall… which is in the arms and presence of a woman with a lot of feminine energy.


Women Like Authority & Strength In Men

Women like a man who is confident in a way that suggests he can handle himself in any situation.

A woman wants a man with strength enough to handle himself in a controlled manner. Not someone who will fly off the handle and get angry or just cave in and get sulky. 

These are important points to understand when relating to the opposite sex.

We’ve lost so much of the polarities of the genders in the last decade or so.

Strength has been beaten out of men and the softness beaten out of women.

Let’s find and exaggerate the gender polarities again!

benefits of tantric sex

Take a listen to Liisa below talk about how the gender polarities play a large role in the benefits of tantric sex.


Want more from Liisa? Check out this video where she talks about regular sex vs tantric sex...

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