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The BIG Difference Between Tantric Sexuality & Regular Sexuality Explained {VIDEO}

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Liisa Maimon, co-founder and advanced teacher of Somananda Tantra School, explains how modern sexuality is pushing men and women away from something VERY precious.

The loss of this preciaous ingredient is the biggest difference between modern, or ‘regular’ sexuality, and tantric sexuality.

It is also what differentiates ordinary sex from EXTRAordinary sex!

Tantric sexuality helps to BUILD intimacy and connection. So called regular sex… not so much.

Sometimes (in regular sex) there’s a connection and sometimes there isn’t.

Connection is the basis for tantra in ALL aspects of the practice.

It’s not just a sexual practice. Tantric sexuality is being aware and connected with yourself, the people and things around you and life itself.

Connection and awareness are not the only differences between regular sex and tantric sex.

Tantric sexuality also incorporates one KEY element that regular sexuality dismisses entirely.


Listen below as Liisa elaborates more about the tantric view on sexuality. She discusses the sexual energy innate in every human being.

Whether you are an individual or part of a couple, you can get something out of this video.

Do you want to elevate your lovemaking skills to a sacred practice? Sounds good right?

We need connection now more than ever.

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