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The Partners At ‘Authentic Tantra’ Discuss What A Tantric Relationship Looks Like {VIDEO}

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What makes a relationship “Tantric”?

Are you curious about how Tantra can enhance your intimate connection with your romantic partner?

So, what do Tantric practitioners actually DO on a day to day basis to keep their own relationships sexy, vital and alive?

Watch Dr. Erickson and his wife address these questions below in their latest video.

  • What makes a relationship Tantric?
  • What does sexual tantra practice involve?
  • And what does non-sexual tantric practice involve?
  • Do you have sex with other people?
  • Does Tantra include kink?
  • How do you deal with triggers
  • What does a Tantric Session look like?
  • Why relationships keep getting better!


Discover what at tantric relationship is below and if you want to see a TANTRA SESSION then watch this!

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